Woman films frightening encounter with 'racist' Hinge date who followed her home

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‘I spent $300 on you’: Woman films frightening encounter with ‘racist’ Hinge date who followed her home

'I’m calling my Black friends right now.'


Grace Rampaul


Posted on Jan 26, 2024   Updated on Jan 26, 2024, 11:27 pm CST

The wrath of a rejected man can be a universal experience for all straight women, and this Ohio-based Hinge user’s video shows just how harrowing it can look.

In a video shared this week, TikTok user @Alisssaloveee posted her interaction with a white male after he confronted her near her home in Cleveland. As of Friday, it’s received  9.5 million views, 1 million likes, and more than 18,000 shares. 

“You don’t know me, why would you follow me home?” the 30-year-old TikToTker said to the out-of-frame man she’d just gone out with in the video. “I am so bewildered.”

Filming from the driver’s seat of her Honda, Alissa questions the man’s reasoning. And she exclaims that during their meal, there was no reason for the man to be using racist terminology, nor should there ever be. It’s unclear what, exactly, he said.

The man was quick to an aggressive response.

“I am the furthest from a racist person.” he says. “I’m calling my Black friends right now.” 

When Alissa did not react positively to the man’s rebuttal, he began to blame her for the unsatisfactory date. Claiming that she left him at the bar despite his efforts and long drive to see her, the man grew hostile and began to profanely raise his voice at her about “respect.”  

“What kind of [expletive] respect did I get when I spent $300 on you, you [expletive]. Go [expletive] yourself,” he yells.

In turn, Alissa rolled up her window and speedily drove off as the man’s degrading shouts faded into the distance. 

Posted in an update two days later, Alissa told her TikTok followers that she has used the past few days to give herself  “grace and time” to process the recent events. 

“I need to be cautious and unguarded on my delivery and I am so flooded with comments, most of them are love but some of them are hate” she says. 

In a DM to the Daily Dot, Alissa mentioned that the man reached out to her as though the event never occurred, via Snapchat, the next day. But when she tried to report him on Hinge, he had already unmatched her.

@alisssaloveee Hinge, I take back the kind words I said about you. ✌️ out. #cleveland #racism #danger #date #dating #fyp #scary #hinge ♬ original sound – Alissssssa

The dating app has not made a statement on the event. Viewers of the now-viral TikTok have commented on different ways events like this can be prevented.

“Hinge needs a feedback option,” one commenter says. 

And while Alissa faced a scary occurrence, she is grateful for the love and affection she’s met from strangers since she made the video. 

“I owe it to the warriors that have been fighting in the comments for me all day.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Hinge for comment.

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*First Published: Jan 26, 2024, 11:30 pm CST