Woman pulls into Hardee’s drive-thru.

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‘You want a water?’: Woman pulls into Hardee’s drive-thru. She isn’t hungry—she’s avoiding the cops

‘I will drive my car into the lake before I let the police get behind me.’


Nina Hernandez


A TikTok user is going viral after showing herself pulling into a Hardee’s drive-thru not because she’s hungry–but because she’s avoiding the cops.

TikTok user @kyawock posted a video on Oct. 12 that shows herself in the drive-thru at Hardee’s. “WHEN THE POLICE GET BEHIND YOU,” the on-screen caption reads.

After being greeted by the employee, @kyawock makes her confession. “I ain’t really trying to order,” the TikToker admits. “The police had got behind me; I had to turn off.”

The drive-thru attendant assures her. “Oh, you’re all right,” she says. Come up to my window. You want a water?”

@kyawock When the police get behind you.. #hardees #foryou #fyp #fck12 ♬ original sound –

The Hardee’s employee isn’t the only one who could relate to @kyawock’s predicament. The video has amassed more than 4 million views. In the comments section, viewers expressed their respect and appreciation for the Hardee’s worker.

“She understood the assignment,” one user wrote.

A second user agreed, writing, “and offering you an emergency panic water. love it.”

“That’s how you serve and protect lol,” another user wrote.

Even the Hardee’s TikTok account weighed in. “THIS MADE US LOL,” the company commented.

Hardee’s is a southern fast-food chain known for its biscuits and charbroiled hamburgers. In Texas, where the Daily Dot is based, Hardee’s is known as Carl’s Jr. The company has also been known for having a progressive social media strategy in the past, such as when it trolled MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Elsewhere in the comments section, a user said this situation once sparked a friendship. “Had a dude knock on my door one day say the same thing we stood there and bullshttd for about 15 minutes. Been friends for the last 15 years,” they wrote.

One user said they are similarly avoidant of police interactions. “I will drive my car into the lake before I let the police get behind me,” they wrote.

Is there a best practice for what to do when a cop is driving behind you? Four years ago, a Quora user wrote in response to a similar question that they were once driving a small pickup truck loaded with furniture. The user said he noticed a cop following him closely and assumed he was going to be admonished for an overly stacked load.

However, it turned out that the officer was following another car, which was ultimately pulled over. “So the cop wasn’t interested in ME, he was just using my over-piled truck to hide from his real quarry. I guess the moral of the story is that just because you’re being followed by the police, you shouldn’t assume you’re their target,” the user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @kyawock via TikTok direct message and Hardee’s via email for comment.

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