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‘It’s the Spirit Airlines of waterparks’: Resort guest realizes she has to share one microwave—with the entire floor

'Shame on Great Wolf Lodge for not understanding the spirit of hospitality.'


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Jan 31, 2024   Updated on Jan 31, 2024, 6:35 am CST

A TikTok video exposing changes at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Perryville, Maryland, has garnered significant attention, amassing over 309,000 views. The user, @americanproblems, voices her frustration in the video, criticizing the lodge for removing microwaves from individual rooms and limiting access to just one microwave per floor, shared with the ice machine.

In her candid video, the TikToker emphasizes, “Screw the Great Wolf Lodge. They have taken all the microwaves out of their rooms.” She highlights the inconvenience for families trying to save money by bringing their own food, pointing out that they’ll now “be paying with your time” due to the limited access to microwaves.

The caption accompanying the main video on TikTok further expresses disappointment in the Great Wolf Resort’s decision, stating, “Shame on Great Wolf Lodge for not understanding the spirit of hospitality and for not ensuring brand consistency among its properties.” The TikToker underscores the financial burden this places on families who rely on microwaves for budget-friendly meals during their stay.

@americanproblems Shame on Great Wolf Lodge for not understanding the spirit of hospitality and for not ensuring brand consistency among its properties. With the amount of money it costs to stay here, families literally DEPEND on being able to bring microwavable snacks and food in order to keep costs manageable. #greatwolflodge #hospitality #hotels #hotelsandresorts #familytrips ♬ original sound – American Problems

Int his video, one commenter joked about another location, “I don’t know where Perryville is, but I did stay at GW in the (Wisconsin) Dells. It’s the Spirit Airlines of waterparks.” One some suggested extreme measures: “Should bring your own and set it on the counter during check-in. If they ask, be like ‘I brought one for convenience.'”

One person said the removal of the microwaves was for good cause and for practical reasons: “Microwaves got taken out bc we were getting 18-20 calls about people breaking theirs imagine have over 800 microwaves breaking every hour.”

A follow-up video adds to the criticism, advising viewers to avoid the Baltimore-area Great Wolf Resort. The TikToker explains that this particular lodge’s policy restricts microwaves in rooms, which puts guests in a bind when bringing outside food to the water park. She reflects on her previous experiences at other Great Wolf Lodge locations, where she was allowed to get her own food to the water parks, pointing out the policy inconsistency. Guests can bring food to their rooms in the resorts but not into its water park areas.

Great Wolf Resorts (formerly Great Wolf Lodge), known for its indoor water parks and family-oriented amenities, seems to have taken a controversial step with its Perryville resort, much to the dismay of guests like @americanproblems. Her experience raises questions about the convenience and cost-saving options for families, which are crucial for many when planning a vacation.

We’ve reached out to @americanproblems and to the Perryville Great Wolf Resort for comment.

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*First Published: Jan 31, 2024, 4:15 am CST