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‘Nah they knew what they ordered’: Delivery driver says customer ordered 2 bottles of wine, asked them to leave at the door without ID-check

‘No. I would of have 2 bottles’


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Let’s say you decided to have a night in at home and want to crack open a boozy beverage. You start looking in your pantry, or wherever you store your alcohol, and there’s nothing but a sad puff of air taking up the space your favorite wine, beer, or spirit of choice is supposed to be.

Ugh, do you really have to grab your keys and head out to the nearest liquor store or supermarket to buy the stuff you want? Of course not. You can totally get your booze delivered, you just have to make sure that you’ve got your ID ready to present to whoever is dropping it off, just like you would if you were picking it up in person.

And one delivery service that’ll get you alcohol is Gopuff, which is similar to Instacart, DoorDash, and UberEats, where drivers are paid a nominal fee and tips to deliver various grocery items to people’s homes. What makes the service a bit different, however, is that the items are all housed at Gopuff facilities/fulfillment centers: basically stores where consumers can’t walk into and buy items themselves. Delivery drivers pick up the items from these Gopuff centers and drop the orders off at wherever customers request them to be delivered.

One Gopuff delivery driver, Rosa (@therealrosacisneros), showed a presumptuous customer request for an order that included two bottles of white wine. The implications of which, if Rosa decided to honor, could potentially get her in a lot of trouble.

@therealrosacisneros Just a normal Saturday morning doing deliveries when i reach this message at the door. #delivery #wine ♬ original sound – Rosa

In her TikTok video on the matter, Rosa shows a note left by the customer that reads: “Go Puff delivery — Please Leave at door. I can’t answer. Thank you! :)”

The TikToker explains why she couldn’t simply comply with the customer’s wishes in a text overly for the post, writing, “They ordered two bottles of white wine should I leave the order?”

She added in a caption of the post that the delivery occurred on a Saturday morning.

A number of TikTokers said the delivery driver should absolutely not adhere to the customer’s instructions.

One user listed a potential upside to not completing the delivery. “I would of have 2 bottles,” they wrote.

Someone else said that the note was a clear tactic by someone underage trying to finagle white wine. “Nah they knew what they ordered,” they speculated in what turned out to be the top comment on the post.

Another stated that in their area, they actually receive compensation for booze that gets returned because customers couldn’t present a valid ID to receive it. “No in California I have to have an ID and scan it before I leave the alcohol. We actually get paid to return it to the store if there’s no ID,” they claimed.

At the end of the day, Rosa shared she also ended up making money for returning the alcohol. “I got $15 for returning it plus the delivery fee,” she said.

Update 11:05am CT, Sept. 18: A spokesperson for GoPuff told the Daily Dot in a statement: “We take the responsible sale of alcohol extremely seriously and continually enhance the robust systems we have in place to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage customers. Delivery partners play a key role in helping ensure that alcohol is only sold to people 21 years old and over, and Gopuff supports and encourages delivery partners in exercising their judgment to promote the responsible delivery of age-restricted products.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Rosa via TikTok comment.

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