Student gets asked to watch another’s student’s stuff in library. She never comes back


‘I have class’: Student gets asked to watch another student’s stuff in library. She never comes back

‘It must be a social experiment.’


Beau Paul


Posted on Oct 2, 2023

Some people just can’t be trusted to not take advantage of the kindness of strangers. That’s what one student at the University of California, Berkeley learned after she agreed to look after a fellow student’s belongings. 

In a now-viral video, Vicks (@vick.torii), the student, explained how her good Samaritan nature ended up with her trapped in the library. As of Monday evening, her video had over 443,600 views. 

Vicks recorded herself looking at her phone’s camera with a bored expression on her face. Then, her camera panned to the possessions she was tasked with watching: a student’s backpack and an Apple Macbook.


Are u coming back? i have class

♬ oh – CY

“To the girl who asked me to watch her stuff 30 minutes ago…,” Vicks wrote in the text overlay. 

“Are u coming back? i have class,” she added in the accompanying video caption. 

Vicks’ situation gained plenty of sympathy from her viewers, many of whom had been in similar situations.

“One time, someone had asked me to do the same and I ended up forgetting what they looked like lol,” one wrote.

“This happens to me every time! When they come back I’m side eyeing them cause I’m not sure if they’re stealing or what,” another added.

“Happened to me at the airport in Amsterdam lmao I even let her borrow my iPhone charger so I couldn’t leave,” a third person wrote.

“Did this once. Never again,” a fourth person said.

That didn’t sit right with one viewer, though, who admitted that they would feel too guilty to leave the items unattended—no matter how late the owner ran behind. 

“I would be there for hours feelin’ bad,” they wrote.

Others, meanwhile, questioned whether the student was playing a trick on Vicks.

“It must be a social experiment,” one person wrote.

And then there were the commenters who questioned—jokingly—whether the student got sick.

“dang she is fighting for her life in the bathroom,” one viewer guessed.

“she was def blowing the bathroom up from that coffee,” another quipped.

“She’s blowing up the bathroom girl give her a minute,” a third person added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Vicks via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 2, 2023, 7:47 pm CDT