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‘Where’s my paycheck’: GetGo customer hops behind counter, starts checking out people when they can’t find a worker

‘He works here.’


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Waiting for a cashier to staff a register can be frustrating. Recently, a GetGo customer took matters into his own hands when he hopped behind the counter and started checking customers out himself.

TikToker Justin (@babyjfrank1) posted a video of himself walking behind the empty convenience store register and swiping people’s credit cards so they could get on with their day. The video has been viewed over a million times as of Thursday.

@babyjfrank1 took it upon myself to serve the community youtube: SLEEPYBOYS #foryoupage #prank #gasstation #fakeemployee ♬ KRUSTY KREW ANTHEM (BACK ON THE GRILL) – Kash Krabs & Oddwin & Sauceward

Justin begins filming the partially empty store, while he is waiting to purchase his drink. With only customers inside the GetGo, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

“There’s nobody at GetGo, so I’m ringing people out today,” the TikToker explains as he scans a drink and takes payment. He not only takes payment but acts like a trained cashier while a line begins forming.

After checking out a few customers, a GetGo employee walks up to Justin with a confused look on his face. The camera zooms in as Justin steps away from the register.

“Alright my coworker over here will help you out,” he says to another customer before addressing the GetGo cashier, “I figured out how to do the card machine, but couldn’t figure out how to do the cash.”

The employee appears confused as to why Justin is standing the behind the register with a half empty drink in his hand. “Okay, I’m sorry but who are you?” he asks.

“I’m Justin,” the Tiktoker replies.

The GetGo cashier takes his place behind the register. “Justin?” he asks. “Okay, been out for a week so if you’re new…” he says before Justin cuts him off.

“It’s my first day,” Justin offers.

“He works here,” his friend adds as the video ends.

Many users reacted positively to Justin’s antics, and congratulated him for staying to ring up other customers after he checked himself out.

“You guys are so honest, so many ppl would just have taken the items. I mean who was going to stop them?” a user said.

“Justin GetGo regional manager in two weeks,” another joked.

“Mad respect as a store manager he was respectful and had great customer service,” a third added.

“Bro is acting offended like you weren’t just doing his job for free,” one person remarked about the cashier’s reaction, to which Justin jokingly responded, “Where’s my paycheck.”

Other users were concerned that Justin’s video may have resulted in the GetGo cashier losing his job, and expressed sympathy for the worker.

“You could have just gotten that man fired…you should check in and make sure he still has his job,” one user said.

“The poor guy was probably in the bathroom. He was so confused,” another replied.

“Hire more people. Don’t blame the kid,” said one person.

The Daily Dot reached out to Justin via TikTok comments and GetGo via email.

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