people pointing to customer in Walmart with caption 'When they accuse you of stealing you return that sht.' (l) Walmart customer service counter with customers in line (c) Walmart bags on counter in Walmart with caption 'When they accuse you of stealing you return that sht.' (r)

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‘They have 5 people standing at each door but can’t have them working the register’: Shopper gets accused of stealing from Walmart. So he returns everything

‘They want us to do the work of a cashier and then accuse us of being thieves on the way out.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A TikToker’s video alleging that he was accused of stealing while shopping at Walmart and subsequently returning everything he purchased has drawn over 1.2 million views as of Friday.

Posted by user @gregmurphy77, the video shows a security guard speaking with a few people just in front of the store’s exit, with a text overlay stating that the poster had been accused of stealing merchandise. The TikToker then takes his cart and purchased items to the retailer’s returns desk, although the video does not show a completed return.

“When they accuse you of stealing you return that shit,” the text overlay reads.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart directly via the retailer’s media contact form, as well as to @gregmurphy77 via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

@gregmurphy77 Accused of stealing at Walmart. #walmartgonewild #walmartpolice #viralvideo #drama ♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

Several viewers said they’d had similar experiences of being accused of stealing at Walmart.

“Once at Walmart accused of stealing a water bottle,” one commenter wrote. “It was a target exclusive item so I was like unless you sell target items leave me alone.”

“Watched us go through an actual check-out, and still asked to see our receipt!” another commenter wrote.

“They thought I stole lipstick when I just took my phone out of my bag and put it back,” a commenter wrote.

Others shared that they simply no longer stop to have their receipts checked when shopping at Walmart.

“I don’t even stop or talk to employees after purchase,” one viewer commented. “They’d have to put a hand on me to stop me, ensuring a bigger payout.”

“A Walmart worker tried to stop me to check my receipt I said ‘you’re not Costco and I’m not paying to be here I don’t owe you anything’ & kept walking,” another user said.

“I don’t blame you,” a commenter wrote. “They hassled me at the door once because I didn’t want to wait in line to show my receipt. I returned everything instead.”

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