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‘The bag fits so well I didn’t even see the bag’: Woman catches Frontier Airlines forcing passenger to pay $100 for personal item

‘They tried to charge me for my paper bag w a water bottle that I purchased at the airport.’


Braden Bjella


Over the years, Frontier Airlines has attracted controversy for its carry-on bag policy.

The policy is supposed to work as follows: someone brings a personal item, the bag is placed into the bag sizer and, if it is found not to fit, they are charged a carry-on bag fee, typically around $100.

However, Frontier flyers have found the enforcement of this policy to be inconsistent. For example, multiple internet users have claimed, with documentation, that the airline attempted to charge them a carry-on fee for a bag that fits neatly into the baggage sizer. 

Part of the reason for these “inconsistencies” may be because Frontier Airlines pays its employees $10 per bag to upcharge customers to a carry-on bag, something the airline admitted to The Independent in March 2023.

While the airline has claimed that this simply encourages enforcement of their baggage policy, some internet users say that this has given employees a perverse incentive to fraudulently charge customers.

Now, another story of Frontier bag sizing has sparked discussion.

Frontier Airlines charging for a bag that fits

In a clip with over 223,000 views, TikTok user Aubrianna (@aubsdubs01) shows a woman standing at the counter for Frontier Airlines.

“Watching this poor girl get told by Frontier that her bag doesn’t ‘fit’ in the personal item slot and making her pay $100,” writes Aubrianna in the text overlaying the video. Looking at the video, it is clear that the bag fits in the personal item slot, a statement Aubrianna emphasizes in the caption by writing, “@Frontier Airlines i think it fits…..”

Commenters agreed.

“The bags fits so well I didn’t even see the bag in the size check bin at first,” wrote a user.

“The bag that’s clearly fully in the sizer? I hope she took a video and disputed the charge with her credit card company,” added another.

Frontier Airlines is currently facing a class action lawsuit about this practice. Per WESH, “The lawsuit alleges deceptive or misleading practices and advertising. The lawsuit claims, in part, that passengers with bags that meet the airline’s personal item size have been forced to check their bags at the gate, incurring a $100 fee.”

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Commenters share their own experiences with Frontier

In the comments section, users revealed their own experiences with the airline, as well as methods for avoiding these fees.

“This happened to me so i just paid it and disputed the charge on my card,” wrote a user.

“They tried to charge me for my paper bag w a water bottle that I purchased at the airport,” recalled another.

“People always wonder why I fly expensive airlines like United & Delta, it’s because I don’t get nickle and dimed on the ‘cheaper’ airlines,” detailed a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Frontier Airlines and Aubrianna via email.

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