Woman complains about receiving free cornish hen instead of free turkey


‘Never waiting in line for a free turkey again’: Woman complains about receiving free Cornish hen instead of free turkey. It backfires

'Not you being ungrateful for FREE FOOD'


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Posted on Nov 23, 2023   Updated on Nov 24, 2023, 12:18 am CST

TikToker Stef (@stefbaby_) sparked quite the debate on gratitude and expectations with her video titled “I’m never waiting in line for a FREE turkey again! They literally said make it enough,” which has attracted 75,000 views and counting. The video humorously documents her disappointment at receiving a Cornish hen instead of a turkey in a free holiday food box.

In the video, Stef’s reaction to the unexpected Cornish hen, after a three-hour wait for a turkey, has ignited varied responses from the TikTok community.

“I’m never waiting in line for a free Turkey again! I waited three hours for this Turkey box, and this is what I receive? A damn Cornish hen? What am I supposed to do with this?” she passionately exclaims in the video.

Internet reacts with diverse opinions

The comments section of Stef’s video became a platform for a mix of criticism and support, but mostly criticism. Many users expressed their disapproval of her apparent lack of gratitude for the free food. One top commenter pointed out, “Not you being ungrateful for FREE FOOD.” Another user added, “Be thankful you got anything!!! If you want a turkey go buy one like the rest of us. No one owes you a free turkey,” while another simply stated, “Wow I would be thankful for Anything.”

However, Stef clarified in her responses that the video was meant for entertainment, and she did appreciate the gesture. She replied to a comment, “No they really did get me together they gave me the bird, dressing Mac and cheese, yams, cornbread, greens and the cranberry sauce.”

The Free Turkey Box: A symbol of community support

The free Turkey Box, which Stef received, is part of various assistance programs in the United States, aimed at helping families during the holiday season. These boxes often include items for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, symbolizing community support and the spirit of giving. There are also numerous charitable organizations across the United States as well that gift free turkeys to hungry families in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Gratitude vs. expectations: A community’s perspective

Stef’s video and the reactions it garnered shed light upon a conversation about expectations and gratitude in the context of charitable giving. While some commenters emphasized the importance of gratitude, others understood the disappointment of not receiving what was expected. “”They should at least have advertised that it would be a Cornish hen lmao,” shared one user, siding with Stef. 

@stefbaby_ Im never waiting in line for a FREE turkey again! 🤦🏽‍♀️They literally said make it enough 😂 #fyp #thanksgiving #freeturkey #funny #viral ♬ original sound – @PAYPRVW

Reflecting on the spirit of giving

Stef’s experience with the free Turkey Box opens up a dialog about giving and receiving in America. It reminds us that while expectations are natural, especially during the holiday season, the essence of these programs is to provide support and spread joy. The mixed-bag of reactions in the comment section highlight the importance of appreciating acts of kindness, regardless of their size, and the value of understanding and empathy in community interactions.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Stef via TIkTok comment for further information. 

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2023, 8:30 am CST