Ford F550 driver notices steering wheel shakes on new truck

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‘You mean the Ford death wobble?’: Ford F550 driver notices steering wheel shakes—on new truck

‘Ford knows it’s a problem, they just don’t care’


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A Ford F550 driver posted a viral video of the steering wheel shaking in his new truck. Viewers say this is called the “death wobble.” And he’s not the only driver running into this issue. 

The user @godfamilycountrygirlinpa has reached over 747,000 likes on their TikTok. For the first 8 seconds of the user’s video, the man seen driving a Ford F550 is vigorously holding the steering wheel as it shakes uncontrollably. “Oh Jesus,” he exclaims.

According to True Car, Ford Super Duty F-550 Chassis Cabs retail from $53,465 to $220,034.

By using an on-screen caption to their video, the user explains how they have taken their Ford into the dealership “numerous times” when the shakes of the steering wheel were only minor. 

They said the dealership tells them that they “can’t find anything and have taken it out for a drive, but the shakes do not occur.”

The user adds that they have only put 5,000 miles on the truck, saying they won’t drive it on the road “if it’s not needed.”

“So is anyone else experiencing this with their Ford 550?” the user asks.

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“You mean the ford death wobble?” a user said in the comment section of @godfamilycountrygirlinpa’s video, “that’s available on several models and years.”

Another user added, “Typical death wobble. Whole front end needs to be rebuilt every other year. Ford knows it’s a problem, they just don’t care.”

So why are new Ford trucks shaking?

Axleboy clarifies that the death wobble is not “just the shake or shimmy of your steering wheels when you go over a bump,” but that the death wobble is an “uncontrollable shaking of your entire vehicle, during which it feels like the driver might lose control at any second.”

The reason for the occurrence of the death wobble is “most likely suspension or steering issues,” the site continues. In other words, “when rapidly rotating steering wheel components cause your steering wheel to move rapidly from side to side.”

“It happens at speeds above 40 miles per hour and is usually caused by hitting a bump or a pothole,” the site adds.

The website Lemon Law says that it can come from “premature” wear and tear.

According to WSOC-TV, Ford sent customers a letter in 2020 stating that if your truck has experienced “sustained steering wheel oscillation after hitting rough pavement, or an expansion joint at speeds typically above 45 mph,”bring it to the dealer and it will replace the steering linkage damper for free.”

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Ford has not issued any recalls for the so-called “Death Wobble,” WSOC-TV states.

The Daily Dot reached out to @godfamilycountrygirlinpa via TikTok direct message and Ford via email. 

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