Footlocker worker blasts customers who demand to come into store when its closed

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‘The lights aren’t even on’: Foot Locker worker says customer tried to shop before store was even open

'When they come in 2 minutes before closing.'


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Sep 16, 2023

A Foot Locker employee calls out customers who can’t seem to take the hint when the store is closed, with some customers walking in anyway.

In a viral TikTok, Foot Locker worker and content creator, Drew Dunham (@dddrewskiii) shares his pet peeve about too-eager shoppers.

“Nothing is more aggravating than a customer yanking at the door talking about, ‘Are you open?’ Well, let’s see: not one store in the mall is open, the lights aren’t even on.”

He shares an anecdote of a time when he forgot to lock the store’s door before going to the back and a customer walked into the closed store.

“Some guy just comes in. He starts shopping, mind you the lights are off, no music, nothing,” Dunham says. “The mall is closed.”

“I come from the back, he goes, ‘Can I get a 10 ½ in this?’ Sir, we open in an hour,” he vents.

“Sometimes I’m like, what is going on? Where am I?” Dunham concludes, laughing incredulously, as the video ends.

The video had 260,000 views and 170 comments as of Saturday morning.

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In the comments section, many viewers resonated with Dunham’s sentiments, especially those who have worked or currently work in similar retail or service positions.

“My customer service don’t start until that gate goes up,” one person said.

“We even have intercoms announcing when the stores are closed, and I just don’t get it. Like, do they not hear?” another commenter added.

“I just smile and wave,” retorted a third user.

It seems Dunham’s customers at Foot Locker are not the only ones having trouble realizing when a store is closed for the day. The Daily Dot recently reported on a Dollar General customer who unintentionally broke into a store 45 minutes after closing. While the door was accidentally left unlocked, the lights were dimmed and there were no employees in the store.

“I just figured it was getting a little dark because they were trying to push people out,”  she later explained in a TikTok recounting the event. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dunham via Instagram and Foot Locker via email for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 16, 2023, 2:45 pm CDT