Woman accidentally breaks in dollar general walking in after hours

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‘I just figured it was getting a little dark’: Dollar General customer walks in to buy Takis at 9:45pm. They close at 9

'DG employees are always everywhere but the register so I understand why you just walked in would have too.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Aug 7, 2023

Be sure to read the posted hours outside the Dollar General before you go on your next junk food run. You may just trip an alarm. That’s what happened to TikToker Sandra Gacita (@sandravasqz) on her latest trip to the national discount chain. And yes, the cops did show up.

Gacita walked into the open doors of the Dollar General at approximately 9:45pm, unaware that the store had been closed at 9pm. She posted her experience to her TikTok account three days ago in a video that has over 8.3 million views.

@sandravasqz I dont even know why they close at 9😂@Dollar General #dollargeneral #myfirstcrime #funny#fyp #over40 ♬ Bad Boys (Theme from Cops) – Inner Circle

Snapchat footage she uploaded to the video shows her walking through the store and grabbing a bag of Takis for her daughter. In it she notes that the store is “dark and kind of creepy.”

“I hope I don’t get killed over some Takis for Bella,” she tells the camera.

She panned the around the store revealing that the lights are on but dimmed. “I just figured it was getting a little dark because they were trying to push people out,” she says in the TikTok. No employees can be seen. She then proceeds to the checkout. That’s when the alarm tripped.

“Immediately I ran outside and I called 911 to let them know because I was not about to leave and then them see me on camera,” she told her viewers.

The police did indeed show up but quickly released her. Gacita proceeded back to her car where she filmed the opening for her TikTok. saying facetiously “I just committed my first crime.”

“I didn’t even know they close at 9,” she states in the video’s caption.

“You called the cops on yourself,” @cat.tik wrote in the comments.

“Yeah them DG employees are always everywhere but the register so I understand why you just walked in would have too,” another viewer commented.

“I used to work at DG. The lights go off automatically but employees are def responsible for locking up I’m surprised the safe wasnt wide open,” user Hoolie (@juliesalinaaas).

In a follow-up video posted one day ago Gacita states that she returned to the store and spoke with the manager. According to Gacita she was not liable for trespassing and, much to her relief, no one was fired due to the doors being left unlocked. The Daily Dot has reached out to Dollar general via email for further comment.

And for anyone wondering, Bella did end up getting her Takis but Gacita had to make another stop to get them.

“She has 0 chill still called and ask to stop at gas station”, she explained in another follow-up.

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2023, 6:25 am CDT