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‘If you’re a germaphobe, just stay away from planes’: Flight attendant shares things you should ‘never do’ in an airplane

'Damn I definitely didn’t think about the ice.'


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Posted on Aug 11, 2023

Some pretty wild things can happen on flights. Last month, a user’s clip went viral after showing an incident in which a woman became irate after she was allegedly denied wine on a United Airlines flight—the plane was later forced to land and the woman in question was “banned from future United flights” until the airline reviewed the situation.

No matter what can happen on airplanes, there is often no alternative available to travelers looking to go long distances. Because of this, frequent flyers have developed methods to ease the air travel experience, ranging from ways to save money on tickets to tricks for sneaking liquids onto a plane.

Now, a flight attendant has continued this advice and sparked discussion after revealing the five things she would “never do” while flying on an airplane. The video currently has over 1.1 million views as of Friday morning.


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The first thing flight attendant Leysha (@leyshaa) says she refuses to do is eat ice on planes.

“Not everyone wears gloves even though, you know, you’re supposed to,” she explains. “Sometimes, people take the ice bags…[and] they’ll throw it on the floor to break the ice.”

“If I don’t see the ice being made, or if I’m not the one handling my own ice, I’m good,” she concludes. “I’ll just get a can and a cup.”

The second item on Leysha’s list is avoiding the seat back pocket. Her reason is that, though there are cleaners tasked with cleaning this area, they can occasionally not have enough time to clean each individual pocket.

Her third piece of advice is to not walk around the cabin or the lavatories with your shoes off. 

“Too many people do that,” she states.

Number four on her list expresses a similar concern about the lavatories. In this section, she says she will never touch anything in the lavatories without a tissue.

“If you’re a germaphobe, just stay away from planes,” she advises. “You have to remember, you’re in this metal tube with probably 70 to 200 other people. Not everybody has the best hygiene. People are going into the bathrooms, they’re leaving liquids on the floor, and I don’t think they’re liquids that come from a bottle—they’re liquids that come from the body.”

Finally, Leysha concludes her list by saying that one should treat their flight attendant well.

“I’m not just saying that because I work as a flight attendant,” Leysha says. “They can make or break your flight. They can kick you off the flight if they’re that malicious.” She also notes that, if one is nice enough to their flight attendant, they can even sometimes score free upgrades.

Leysha had previously gone viral after revealing the paltry amount of pretzels one can expect to receive while on a flight.

In the comments section of this video, many users spoke about the truth of Leysha’s statements.

“I’m a cabin cleaner I agree with seat back pocket part,” a user wrote. “Passengers leave a lot of trash in them especially tissues diapers and cups.”

“I brought my flight attendants goody bags with chapstick, face wipes lint rollers and advil,” added another. “BEST FLIGHT EVERRRRR.”

“I’ll never understand people who take their shoes off,” detailed a third. “Would you do that on the subway or bus? Same thing!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Leysha via email.

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*First Published: Aug 11, 2023, 11:34 am CDT