Flight attendants share the types of questions they get from passengers on a daily basis

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‘Of course we’re gonna say no if you ask to be on our buddy pass’: Flight attendants share the types of questions they get from passengers on a daily basis

'the Buddy pass goes for every employee'


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Posted on Jan 6, 2024   Updated on Jan 6, 2024, 6:18 pm CST

It’s time for flight attendants to hop on this viral TikTok trend highlighting details of various jobs.

A pair of flight attendants aired out the types of questions they are constantly receiving from passengers in a viral TikTok uploaded by user June Long (@thatcoolguy.25597) on Dec. 22. TikTokers who responded to their video, which has amassed over 4.5 million views, nodded their heads in agreement (and e-laughter), as they could relate to the reactions both Long and his co-worker had to these persistent queries.

The first attendant aired their gripes with some passenger questions after turning away from a bin he is looking through. “We’re flight attendants, of course we’re gonna say no if you ask to be on our ‘buddy pass,'” he says.

The next flight attendant, a woman, walks through the aisles of the plane with a smile on her face as if she was filming a commercial about helping passengers out as she traverses the friendly skies. “We’re flight attendants of course we’re gonna check seat belts again if he says 4A is cute,” she says.

Back to the male flight attendant. “We’re flight attendants, of course we’re gonna laugh at the captain’s joke to get a free meal,” he says, before walking up and into the cockpit carrying something in his hands for the pilot, who says into the camera, “I don’t always drink diet soda.” The male attendant responds by bursting out in exaggerated laughter.

The female flight attendant is up again as she stands in front of an open overhead bin and looks through it. “We’re flight attendants. No, this is not our regular route,” she says.

The last snippet of the bit shows the male flight attendant speaking into the camera as he loads luggage up into an overhead bin. “We’re flight attendants, no we’re not ready to board yet we literally just got on the flight like two seconds ago,” he says.

Airing out the annoying questions from passengers is somewhat of a pastime flight attendants partake in. For example, the aviation worker in this one Sun article, who shared four of the most frustrating, and common, questions they receive from folks en route to their destination. According to them, asking an attendant if a flight is full off the top of their head probably isn’t a good idea. This particular employee said that their default response is to say that it is, even if they don’t truly know if this is the case. If they aren’t in front of a terminal or device that can give them this information, they’re not going to have an answer for you.

Another annoying query: “Am I going to make my connecting flight?” The attendant in question said that oftentimes folks will leave out important information while asking this question and that flight attendants, again, aren’t equipped to answer this in the moment because they have no idea where their connecting flight is going off the top of their heads.

One query that almost sounds made up the flight attendant said they receive is if folks can “tell [their] next flight to wait for [them],” which must be a comment made in jest. Unless there really are folks who think flight attendants have the phone numbers of other pilots on other flights.

The other question that they keep getting asked and can’t stand: Whether or not they’ve made it into the “mile high club.”

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Folks who saw Long’s clip were tickled pink by what they saw, with many remarking that they, too, could identify with what the attendants were saying. “Heavy on we just got on the plane,” one wrote.

Another found themselves laughing at the one attendant’s exaggerated guffaws. “Didn’t even wait for the punchline,” they wrote.

And someone else had a question of their own for the attendants. “Quick question, do attendants care if a first time flyer asks for one of those flight pins or to meet the cap after?” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Long via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 6, 2024, 10:00 pm CST