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‘This is for Tim’: Fired employee leaves behind Vaseline, screw in the office for co-worker

'I just know Tim deserves it.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 11, 2023

Workplace revenge stories are often shared on the internet, with strangers gobbling up the acts of assumed righteous indignation. Viewers vicariously enjoy seeing others stand up for themselves to address the slights they’ve suffered at the hands of an unjust boss or petty coworker.

Sometimes, these stories include Jerry Maguire moments, where people finally get the chance to say what they’ve been bottling up for so long after it’s evident they no longer have a job anymore—because there’s nothing left to lose.

One TikToker, Sam (@_bamm21), shared how one of her recently terminated co-workers got the last word against a co-worker named Tim in a viral video. Fellow users on the platform are cracking up at the gesture.

@_bamm21 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂#bloompartner #firedonjob #pissedoffnation🤬 #lmao ♬ original sound – SamBam

“So they fired the dude that I work with or whatever he brought in his badge and his parking pass and then he said, ‘This is for Tim.'”

Sam then shows on camera a small tub of Vaseline with a large screw taped to the top of it with clear instructions for someone who worked at the business: “Shove it up your ass.” She cracks up laughing at the end of the video.

Viewers in the comments section seemed just as tickled with her co-worker’s parting gift as she was.

“We laughed at the same time,” one person said.

Another wrote, “The vaseline is crazy.”

Someone else quipped, “At least he gave them Vaseline.”

Others said that, despite not knowing the context of the situation, Tim must’ve done something bad enough to drive such a strong statement from the terminated employee.

“Without knowing what happened I just know Tim deserves it,” one user said.

There were other people who wanted to know what Tim’s reaction was to receiving the gag message, so Sam obliged them with a follow-up clip.

@_bamm21 #UPDATE #TIM #reactionvideo #LETSSEE #WORKFLO #LMFAO ♬ original sound – SamBam

“I just got to work, so…let’s see what Tim got to say,” she states as she walks through the halls of her job. She then enters Tim’s office, however, it appears that he hadn’t arrived at work yet. Sam leaves the tub in a drawer and her latest video on her profile doesn’t indicate whether or not Tim ever saw the gift from her fired co-worker.

According to GoodHire, there are many Americans who have strong feelings about their co-workers and managers, with 82% of 3,000 folks polled in a study saying that they would either leave or consider leaving a job with an overbearing or difficult boss. Forbes also published an article that states 33.7% of all employees discussing workplace satisfaction cited passive-aggressiveness from colleagues as being the “most offensive trait” that they could have.

The Daily Dot has reached out to SamBam via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 11, 2023, 1:09 pm CDT