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‘Guess she forgot to wear the non-slips’: Whataburger worker gets revenge on manager who allegedly threw drink on him

'When ur manager thinks you forgot bout that drink she threw in yo face.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 29, 2022

A Whataburger employee got revenge on a manager, who he alleges threw a drink in his face. He filmed the security footage featuring his “revenge” and uploaded it to TikTok.

The video’s uploader, CJ Nickerson (@crucial_nick25), added in the comments section that while it appears they were joking around in the security footage, they were genuinely at odds with one another in the workplace.

“When ur manager thinks you forgot bout that drink she threw in yo face,” the text overlay reads.

“Let her try me again,” Nickerson warned in the caption.

@crucial_nick25 Let her try me again #oops #dummy #manager #playtomuch🤣😂🤣 #funny ♬ original sound – CJ Nickerson

In the footage, two employees in the kitchen area of the Texas-based chain. Nickerson is presumably the one who is mopping the floor while his manager speaks to him. The manager steps on the mop. Nickerson later claimed in a comment she wanted to prevent him from mopping. In the video, Nickerson pulls the mop out from underneath her, causing his manager to fall forward.

Many viewers were confused by the events and had plenty of questions for Nickerson.

“About 20min before this I had a drink on the counter, she picks it up an throws it on me,” he wrote in response to a TikToker who asked him to further explain the situation.

Another user on the platform asked if they were “joking around.”

“No we weren’t,” Nickerson clarified.

When asked why the manager didn’t want Nickerson mopping the floor, he said: “She [the manager] wanted me to do 50 things at once and I told her ass no then this happened.”

An October 2021 report from Insider stated that 49% of surveyed restaurant employees said they experienced abuse from managers, which had a significant impact on worker retention rates. Fifteen percent of the workforce in this particular sector reportedly left their jobs, with another 33% expressing their desire to find another means of employment altogether.

The Daily Dot has reached out to CJ Nickerson via TikTok comment and Whataburger via email for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 29, 2022, 10:27 am CDT