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‘Family Dollar really worried about people stealing air fresheners?!?’: Family Dollar worker shows all the items she has to put security stickers on

'That sticker ain't stopping nothing.'


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Posted on Jan 22, 2024   Updated on Jan 22, 2024, 10:21 am CST

A Family Dollar worker was tasked with putting security stickers on several items—namely, an alarming number of Little Trees air fresheners.

TikTok creator Christine (@christine_whynot) showed herself on the grind at her discount store job in a video put up on the platform on Friday, getting more than 59,000 views as of Monday.

She begins by showing the security stickers she has to put on items and then shows the row she’s in that includes a staggering array of car fresheners.

“So all these Little Trees have got to be done,” she explains, showing stack upon stack. “That’s how thick they are y’all. All of them.”

But then she goes into an explanation about not all of the varieties needing the security tags.

“These Little Trees have got to be done,” she marvels. “But not these. Makes absolutely no sense.”

She then gets into a specific comparison: The popular Black Ice brand of Little Trees needs security stickers, while Caribbean Colada does not.

“Makes no sense,” she reiterates.

Commenters came with a mix of explanations, sympathy, and general reflections on Family Dollar.

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“The ones you have to sticker have a higher price point,” someone offered. “Not much higher..but still, that’s probably why.”

Someone else said, “It makes sense because the other packs are bigger,” before adding, “I worked at family dollar. Anything more than $3 gets a sticker label.”

Caribbean Colada caught a stray, with someone opining, “Maybe because of the price difference? I can’t see anyone buying let alone stealing the Caribbean Coloda scent.”

But a few people wondered about the efficacy of such stickers.

“Family Dollar really worried about people stealing air fresheners?!?” one wondered. “They never even stop people when the alarm goes off.”

Someone else remarked, “That sticker ain’t stopping nothing.”

And one wondered about the cost-effectiveness of her doing this menial task, saying, “How much money they wasting having her do this compared to the 4 that get stolen a month.”

But one offered a pathway to do the task quickly, should it come up for the creator again.

“Take the peg off, lay the whole thing on a stable flat surface. Sticker the whole peg in under a min.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct message and to Family Dollar via email.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2024, 3:00 pm CST