Woman gets blocked after finding $600 Dyson Airwrap in dumpster outside Sephora

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‘Worker called security trying to save her haul’: Woman gets blocked after finding $600 Dyson Airwrap in dumpster outside Sephora

'I was so scared.'


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Posted on Dec 15, 2023   Updated on Dec 15, 2023, 12:51 pm CST

A dumpster diver hit the “jackpot” after going through the garbage near a mall’s Sephora.

In a video that has racked up over 9.2 million views, TikToker Ella Rose (@glamourddive) shared the moment she discovered her “most expensive score ever” and got away with the goods taken right from the dump.

“INSANE hidden jackpot dumpster diving at Sephora,” read an on-screen caption.

In the clip, the woman first notices a Dyson Limited Edition Airwrap Multi Styler that appears to be in good condition. The item typically retails for $599 at Sephora but is currently on sale for $100 off.

“There is a Dyson box here,” she explained to her viewers. “It says empty, but it’s actually really heavy.”

Inside the box, the styling machine appeared undamaged and had all of its parts. She then set her sights on a clear garbage bag full of products.

“And then this bag might actually have some stuff in it,” she continued. “I’m gonna grab this bag out; it looks like it actually has makeup.”

Just as she discovered all of the dumpster’s hidden treasures, one of the mall’s security officers approached her.

“Does it look like they homeless or what?” a voice on the guard’s radio could be heard asking.

That seemed to be the dumpster diver’s cue to take everything she found and head out. In the next shot, the woman lined up everything she discovered on the dive, including expensive perfumes and beauty products.

“Everything is in its packaging. These perfumes are full,” she said. “This is one of my craziest scores.”

The woman also tested the Dyson Airwrap styler, which turned on and worked.

@glamourddive INSANE jackpot while dumpster diving at my most requested place.. #sephora #dumpster #dumpsterdiving #oops #caught #insane #glamourddive ♬ Glamorous – Fergie

In the comments section, many affirmed that the woman found great products on her dive.

“The Dyson is insane,” one viewer wrote.

“La mer is the MOST expensive!” a second commented.

Others theorized that workers had a plot to throw out the items and then pick them up after work so they could get them for free.

“The fact it was all brand new stuff in one bag and they wrote ’empty’ on the Dyson box,” one viewer commented. “A worker DEFINITELY was coming back for that stuff.”

“This was my first time finding anything from Sephora while dumpster diving,” Ella Rose told the Daily Dot via email. “I’ve been checking for years without any luck. This Sephora was in a mall and I wasn’t there specifically for Sephora but happened to get lucky. Almost everything is brand new – some items are still sealed with damaged packaging. The Dyson works perfectly and has all of the attachments. From my understanding, Sephora sends these types of products back to a warehouse and they shouldn’t have been thrown away.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sephora via email for more information.

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*First Published: Dec 15, 2023, 7:30 pm CST