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‘Every person lost their job to a 3-minute video’: Ex-Rue 21 worker says she’s still owed $23,100

‘Dont ever pour one out for rue21.’


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Rue 21 workers were recently blindsided after the abrupt announcement of the clothing store’s closure. One worker says the company still owes her over $23,100 in unpaid wages and benefits.

In a viral clip that has amassed over 612,000 views, TikToker Katrina Cahill also called the company out over its alleged mistreatment of workers during its nationwide closure.

“Let me tell you why not to pour one out for f*cking Rue 21,” the woman began in the video.

She then made some very serious allegations about how Rue 21 handled going out of business.

“They owe me $23,100,” Katrina said.

The woman also accused the company of mishandling its bankruptcy.

She claimed the company’s CEO, Josh Burris, who she referred to as “Josh,” left the company a week before workers were notified it was going under.

“His office was cleaned out by Monday, and no one knew what the f*ck was happening until Thursday,” she said.

The TikToker also alleged that the company made workers leave the building early so that the higher-ups could go dine at an expensive steakhouse.

“They were at The Napa Prime Steakhouse,” she alleged, “while their employees were just sitting at home wondering if they were about to be blindsided and lose their jobs.”

Allegedly, the business’s executives knew weeks ahead of time that there would be mass layoffs.

“And they were enjoying a nice steak dinner while everyone was f*cking scrambling,” she said.

To further add insult to injury, Cahill claimed workers were laid off via a “town hall meeting.” A pre-recorded video of the company’s CEO that let workers know the company was filing for bankruptcy was reportedly played during the meeting.

“Every person lost their job in three minutes to a pre-recorded video,” she continued. “That man couldn’t even f*cking face them on Zoom.”

@katrinacahill #stitch with @Erin Miller dont ever pour one out for #rue21 ♬ original sound – Katrina Ma$$ Destruction

Why is Rue 21 closing?

According to USA Today, Rue 21 announced earlier this year that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and planned to close all 543 of its stores. The outlet also notes that the company conducted “going out of business” sales and planned to sell all of its intellectual property.

Though the retailer previously filed for bankruptcy two other times and closed hundreds of stores in the past, the downsizing wasn’t enough to save the business.

The Daily Dot previously reported on the negative impact Rue 21’s closures and bankruptcy have had on its workers. Earlier this month, one worker lamented losing her job but said it was a “free for all” because the company let go of its HR workers.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rue 21 and Josh Burris via email and to Katrina Cahill by TikTok comment for more information.

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