Customer says Etsy seller included hand-cut coupon to Burger King with her order

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‘Instant 5-star review’: Customer says Etsy seller included hand-cut coupon to Burger King with her order

‘Now THAT’S customer service! Everyone loves discount nuggets.’


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An Etsy seller received a ton of praise after packaging a Burger King coupon as an added bonus for a customer, who gushed about her positive experience in a viral TikTok that’s racked up over 729,000 views as of Sunday.

Madi’s (madi.stitches) TikTok started a conversation about the magnanimity of Etsy sellers who hand out bespoke add-ons to customers’ orders.

@madi.stitches Love receiving a sticker order in a business size envelope with a burger king coupon #etsy #etsyshop #smallbusiness #etsyseller ♬ original sound – Madi Stitches

“You want a reason to shop small? I just got my Etsy order a sticker, and they included a hand-cut coupon to Burger King nuggets,” Madi says in the clip.

Madi, who runs her own embroidered shirt small business, wrote in a caption for the order, “Love receiving a sticker order in a business sized envelope with a burger king coupon.”

The TikToker’s assessment of Etsy sellers’ proclivity for packaging extras with their customers’ orders seems to be true—there are forum posts from folks who advertise their wares on the platform asking other Etsy sellers for ideas on what make good additions to their orders.

Take user @CandiedRainbow, who said that while she always puts in a little extra something-something for customers who order from her, she’s always looking for other kind gestures to make her customers feel the love.

“Anybody have suggestions for extras to give out with orders? What extras do you give out with your orders? Are extras necessary? I’m trying to figure out what I should give, I always include a coupon code and mini clay donuts with orders on my other shop,” she wrote. “I’m thinking of getting stickers printed with my shop’s mascot to give out.”

In another post on Etsy’s community blog, user @StarrlitCreations asked how sellers and buyers feel about receiving extras. Some said that they don’t necessarily like getting them as they don’t always use said extras while some sellers stated that they don’t feel they add to the experience of their orders.

Others said that it made their experience entirely worth it and look forward to the additional gifts packaged with their original orders.

It seems that this is a sentiment shared by many TikTokers who viewed Madi’s post as well, as they expressed their delight and appreciation that the Etsy seller she purchased from would include a Burger King nuggets coupon as an extra.

As one user wrote, “Instant 5 star review, that is hilarious.”

Another shared one of their favorite extras that they received from a seller on the site, writing, “I got something for a Ukrainian Etsy Shop as a gift and they sent a little Ukrainian chocolate candy it was so good and such a nice little gesture.”

Someone else called the bonus gift an example of “Elite customer experience.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madi and Etsy via email for further comment.

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