Bartender complains about making espresso martinis

‘The bartender today got so mad at me bc I ordered an espresso martini’: Bartender complains about making espresso martinis

'I would never order one if they were busy.'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 24, 2023

A bartender revealed that while seemingly-complex drinks like lemon drops and margaritas don’t phase her, an espresso martini is enough to put a metaphorical stick in the spokes.

The video illustrating this pain comes from creator, and it’s generated more than 1.2 million views since going up on July 11.

It shows the creator behind the bar making drinks. For the first on-screen caption—reading, “Can I get 50 lemon drops?”—she’s mixing it up with no issues. She’s expertly maneuvering a shaker with an on-screen caption reading, “Can I get six margaritas?” With both of those, there’s audio saying, “No reaction.” Every bartender knows this pain #bartender #bartenderlife #serverproblems #bartendersoftiktok ♬ ok its got a little kick – em

But then when it comes to the last on-screen caption, “Can I get an espresso martini?” There’s significant reaction. The video slows down as she unsteadily holds a bottle of Kahlua and what appears to be a bottle of Bailey’s. A voice says, “OK, it’s got a little kick.”

The caption adds to the reaction, saying, “Every bartender knows this pain.”

“The bartender today got so mad at me bc I ordered an espresso martini,” one commenter confessed. They then added, by way of explanation, “It was slow af, i would never order one if they were busy.”

“An espresso martini at the club is crazy,” another observed.

Someone defended the drink’s honor, though, saying, “Its so necessary sometimes.”

But someone else rebutted, “Get a vodka redbull like the rest of us.”

“My home girl is the bartender at my job and the way she glares at me when i ring in an espresso martini,” another person shared. “I feel so bad every time!!”

According to the website Preppy Kitchen, “This coffee cocktail is strong, sweet, and delicious with a creamy, foamy top and topped with coffee beans. It makes the perfect after-dinner drink after a big meal but is just as good to get the party started!”

That site’s recipe calls for “strong espresso coffee preferably brewed in a machine with plenty of froth,” Kahlua, vodka, simple syrup, and coffee beans for garnish.

One reflected, “Thank god i worked at a dive bar bc we didn’t even have ingredients to make mojitos or old fashioneds. We would only pour vodka sodas allll night.”

The creator responded, “Yeah we are fine dining until 9:00 and then a dive bar and the vibe switch is so tough to tell customers.”

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*First Published: Jul 24, 2023, 2:49 pm CDT