Dunkin' interior with wrappers on floor with caption 'POV: 2 vet employees close together' '9:59PM' (l) Dunkin' building with sign at night (c) Dunkin' interior with caption 'POV: 2 vet employees close together' '10:00PM' (r)

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‘I start closing as soon as I get there’: Dunkin’ workers say they pre-close 2 hours early

‘I’m like a reverse procrastinator.’


Phil West


A video showing a dramatic and instantaneous transformation of a Dunkin’ franchise from disarray to ready for the next day sparked debate about how employees handle pre-close and closing duties. It’s a surprisingly contentious labor convo.

The video comes from creator the Night Shift, appearing to be a group of Dunkin’ employees, with a bio declaring, “We’re from Texas but some of us are from Kentucky,” with the account focused on Dunkin’ content.

In the 8-second video, which has garnered more than 6.7 million views since posting Feb. 24, the video proclaims to be from the point of view of “2 vet employees clos[ing] together.” At 9:58pm and 9:59pm, according to the captions, the work station at a Dunkin’ franchise is shown to be in disarray.

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But as the video shifts to 10pm, the same space is magically cleaned and the lights are dimmed, ready for the next day’s shift.

The caption sheds more light on the creator’s approach to closing, stating, “We all procrastinators fr.”

But that led Dunkin’ employees to jump into the comments to point out how early they start closing.

“I’m like a reverse procrastinator,” one asserted. “I get things done the earliest I can so I can leave right when I’m able to.”

Another bragged, “I start closing as soon as I get there.”

That led someone to agree, adding, “We close at 10? Oh okay, so I’ll bring all the dishes back at 4.”

Yet another chimed in with, “I used to start closing as soon as I came in lmao it would be time to close and we would have like two dishes and the lights to turn off.”

But a representative from the creator team noted, “Noooo, bc then you gotta redo everything.”

The two-dishes closer responded, “Nah we just work with the minimum of dishes and stuff. Nothing to redo. I do a quick spot mop and sweep again right after close as well.”

That led another person to jump into the thread, asserting, “Oh, you don’t know how to close, then.”

The thread also revealed some tension between Dunkin’ opening and closing workers, with one observing, “Morning shift will still complain.”

That led the Night Shift to respond, “Morning crew mad they don’t got it like us.”

And another countered those who get an early start on closing, saying, “I could never I start as soon as I get there.”

The Night Shift rep agreed, observing, “For real, I need like 3 hours to mentally prepare the cleaning process and then another 2 to begin.”

One advised, “Do it when u first come in and then keep it clean and ur good.”

The creator answered, perhaps unconvincingly given the evidence, “We’ll try it and let u know.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Night Shift via TikTok comment.

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