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‘Why is it on Ozempic?’: Dunkin’ customers are calling out the chain for its bagel shapes

'That’s a bagel ring.'


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Posted on Mar 13, 2024   Updated on Mar 13, 2024, 5:23 pm CDT

Are the bagels at Dunkin’ Donuts cutting down on their carbs? Because these two examples look like they went on a diet.

A pair of videos by two different TikTokers features some very anemic-looking bagels and has Dunkin’ customers scratching their heads about the weirdly shaped confections.

“Daddy Jacky” (@spamspamham) was the first to notice the phenomenon, pointing it out in a video posted three days ago. Her TikTok now has 782,300 views and counting.

In it, Jacky calls out the less-than-substantial bagel. “I ordered a bagel at Dunkin,” she claims. “Why is she open like that?” she asks her viewers, displaying a bagel that seems to have more space in the inside hole than there is bread ring surrounding it.

One day later, Jacky’s video was followed up by fellow TikTok user Kenny Ortega (@kenny.ortega) in a video that currently has 359,000 views and counting.

“There’s this video of this girl’s wide-open Dunkin‘ bagel,” she states in the video. “It reminded me of this bagel got from Dunkin’ like a year ago,” she claims.

Ortega’s video then shows a picture of what appears to be a very skinny bagel with an oversized hole, resting atop a Dunkin’ bag.

In the video’s caption, Ortega states, “if the original girl sees this pls let me duet your video!!!”


♬ original sound – daddyjacky

According to the Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners website, the popular chain has been offering bagels in its stores since 1996 when “donuts were being vilified as an unhealthy choice for an increasingly health-conscious nation.”

The DDFIO claims, “The vast majority of Dunkin’ stores now have ovens and either make all their bagels in the stores or take a hybrid approach, where the commissary delivers a small number of bagels for the morning rush and the restaurants bake fresh bagels throughout the rest of the day.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dunkin’s parent company Inspire Brands via email for a statement.

Despite the alleged examples in the videos, there don’t appear to be any widespread complaints about the size of Dunkin‘s bagels.

However, viewers of the two videos definitely formed their own opinions.

Haylee (@eameelyah) wrote, “Dunkin’ makes bagels like they mad at us fr?????” after seeing Jacky’s video.

Another user told Jacky they had experienced the opposite of what she had. “The Dunkin’ bagels always looking rough. Mine was all bread almost completely closed.”

After seeing Ortega’s video, one viewer, who claimed to be an employee of the chain, wrote, “as a former employee….. I def have made some that look like this.”

Another viewer added, “one time I got a bagel from Dunkin it was straight up a triangle.”

And a user going by the handle “d0nutbun” wrote, “as someone who has said “bagel and me against the world” for many years, i might’ve cried if this were me.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jacky and Ortega via TikTok for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 13, 2024, 9:00 pm CDT