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Dotted Lines: Tumblr? More like Dumblr!

This Tumblr parody hurts a little bit.


Jay Hathaway


Every evening, the Daily Dot delivers a selection of links worth clicking from around the Web, along with the day’s must-see image or video. We call it Dotted Lines.

  • Your Twitter pics of the the Space Shuttle Enterprise could be in a museum.
  • Watch the trailer for Disconnect, the major motion picture about all the ways the Internet will ruin your life.
  • Meet Mug, your new favorite online cat.
  • This Tumblr parody is giving us so many #feels! 

  • The Internet is apparently not done with the whole “goats screaming like humans” thing.
  • What if people talked about Seinfeld the way they talk about Girls?
  • How did people watch porn before the Internet?
  • Must-read: Quinn Norton’s amazing inside account of the Aaron Swartz prosecution.
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