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The world of ‘Dora the Explorer’ memes

'Dora the Explorer' memes have transcended the show's intended audience to become versatile and enduring fodder for internet culture.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Nov 28, 2023

Dora the Explorer, the beloved animated series that revolved around Dora Márquez and her adventures with her talking backpack and a monkey named Boots, has not only been a staple in children’s television but also a rich source of online humor. Here’s a look at some of the most hilarious and creative Dora the Explorer memes that have captured the internet’s imagination.

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Dora’s surprising height

One of the more absurd but amusing memes surrounds Dora’s alleged height. In December 2020, social media was abuzz after a Reddit user posted a screenshot that listed Dora’s height as 5’2″—a rather unlikely stature for a seven-year-old.

This amusing detail led to a flurry of tweets and memes that juxtaposed Dora’s height with other fictional characters. The meme gained further traction with Twitter users expressing their disbelief and amusement over the discovery, leading to more humorous reactions and comparisons.

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Dora in a coma

This dark and comical meme involves an image of Dora on life support in a hospital bed. The image, originating from the online flash game “Dora Laparoscopic Appendectomy,” quickly spread on Twitter with users posting it as a reaction to overwhelming situations.

The meme became so popular it resulted in false rumors about its origin, which included a fake episode where Dora contracted Ebola. The meme’s blend of dark comedy and absurdity continues to resonate with the internet’s unique sense of humor.

Dora’s obvious blindness

Dora’s inability to see things she’s looking for, unless they’re pointed out by Boots or viewers, has been a longstanding joke among viewers. Memes mocking Dora for asking viewers to locate objects or characters that are clearly in plain sight have been a staple in internet culture, and they humorously point out the show’s simplistic approach geared to its young audience.

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Dora the grown-up

The web series Dora The Grown Up parodies the original show by presenting a 24-year-old Dora dealing with the hardships of adulthood. The parody, which is a part of the “AOK Ruins Your Childhood” series, presents the cartoon with an adult twist by subverting the original character’s innocence as she “explores” themes like unemployment, substance abuse, and failed relationships, all while maintaining Dora’s childlike demeanor and speech patterns.


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Kleptora, the Black Dora

On social media, the adventures of Nick Trawick as “Kleptora,” or “Black Dora,” have brought a new dimension to Dora’s character. The humorous sketches, characterized by the jingle “Backpack, Backpack!” and Trawick’s commitment to the character’s wardrobe of pink tops and orange bottoms, always revolve around something being stolen, and they add a mischievous twist to Dora’s persona.

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Dora the Explorer memes have transcended the show’s intended audience to become versatile and enduring fodder for internet culture. Whether through absurdist humor, parodies, or dark comedy, Dora continues to inspire and entertain across various online platforms, proving that her adventures extend far beyond the world of children’s television.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 2:03 pm CST