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Former DoorDash driver says he stole customer’s Shake Shake order then deleted the app

‘Somebody ordered a Shake Shack meal and it was my exact Shake Shack meal.’


Nina Hernandez


A former DoorDash driver says he stole a customer’s Shake Shack order and then deleted the app. But it’s just one on a long list of the TikToker’s former jobs.

User Peezyante (@peezyante) tells the story in a video he titles, “More jobs I quit & why.” He also humorously notes in the caption, “My resume is longer than I-95.”

In the video, he describes quitting Walmart, Amazon, Taco Bell, and the time he abandonded a night shift. But users were especially taken by the story of how he quit DoorDash.

“I did DoorDash for a little bit too, and I basically quit that shit because one day bro, the orders was absolutely a**,” he says. “Somebody ordered a Shake Shack meal and it was my exact Shake Shack meal, bro. He got a Shack burger, with the Shack fries, with the little cheese sauce. And he got a cookies n’ cream shake.”

The TikToker says he picked up the order for himself and deleted the DoorDash app from his phone. “I don’t know what happened to him, I don’t know. But I do know that I ate good. Shout out, buddy,” he says.

@peezyante My resume is longer than I-95 😂😂💯 #fyp #4u #viral #peezyante #jobs ♬ original sound – Peezyante

This post is a sequel to a clip the creator posted on Sept. 18, in which he explains why he quit Target, FedEx, PetSmart, and more.

The video has received more than 1.1 million views since it was posted on Sept. 19. In the comments, some viewers debated the ethics of the decision. Others just found it funny.

“Nah that doordash one is definitely illegal,” one person wrote.

“I know that DoorDash customer was sickkk,” another user added.

One commenter admitted that they too would have been tempted. “Main reason you’ll never catch me door dashing,” they wrote.

According to the DoorDash website, if a customer reports an order as “never arrived,” drivers will receive a notice in their “rating” tab as a “never delivered contract violation.” DoorDash will then review the case. Drivers have the ability to provide additional information if they feel this report was in error.

One contract violation won’t get you deactivated from the service, but multiple infractions might. Drivers who are deactivated are able to appeal this decision when they receive the deactivation email.

The Daily Dot reached out to Peezyante via TikTok direct message, and to DoorDash via email for comment.

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