DoorDash customer says driver stole $50 Subway order—and she couldn’t get a refund

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‘He’s 2 minutes from my house’: DoorDash customer says driver stole $50 Subway order—and she couldn’t get a refund

‘Same thing happened to me with Panera.’


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A Subway customer claimed that she couldn’t get a refund when a DoorDash driver delivering her $50 order stole it — alleging that both Subway and DoorDash refused to take responsibility for the incident.

The video chronicling the ordeal comes from creator Ashlyn (…lynkay), bringing more than 56,000 views in its first week on the platform.

The creator, who identifies herself as a “Mom of 2 girls just tryna survive,” starts with a stitch from another TikToker who says that DoorDash “officially needs a better report system when drivers screw us over.” Ashlyn then says she seconds that notion and goes on to detail her situation.…lynkay #stitch with @TJ @Subway told me it was door dash’s fault so they would provide the refund- @DoorDash ♬ original sound – Ashlyn

“Ordered from the Subway app a few weeks ago, spent $50…Subway doesn’t actually deliver so they use DoorDash to deliver,” she tells the camera. A report from Thrillist confirms that while customers can order delivery through Subway’s app, the deliveries are fulfilled by DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Postmates.

Ashlyn continues her story. “The guy picks up my food and everything or whatever. He’s two minutes away from my house. Two minutes, could see him on the little map and everything, and then this mother,” she pauses briefly to let the viewer fill in the third and fourth syllables, “canceled the order.”

Her caption sums up the frustrating situation. “@Subway told me it was door dash’s fault so they would provide the refund- @DoorDash told me subway would be providing the refund. Should also mention that i couldnt find an actual phone number to reach a person at subway [so I] had to email them. They never replied to MY reply email. Somebody needs to float me that lil 50 back. I DID NOT GET MY FOOD. Door dash even acknowledged that the order was cancelled but on the subway app it said delivered. The math ain’t mathing.”

Commenters sided with the Subway customer and offered their input, with a number of people reporting similar incidents with DoorDash deliveries.

“Subway lied,” one insisted. “if you order through the restaurant but they delivery to you through DD. they are responsible for the refund. i deal w/this at my job.”

“I had this happen between Door Dash and Panera,” another shared. “I had to dispute the charge through my bank to get $ back.”

“Same thing happened to me with Panera,” said a different commenter with the same craving. “Panera gave me $25 credit and my order was way less than that.”

“McDonald’s did that to me one time as well,” someone else claimed. “I ordered through the Doordash app. McDonald’s forgot to put my fries in the bag. I could tell it was McDonald’s error, so I called McDonald’s and they told me doordash had to fix it. I was like dude it was y’alls mess up. I couldn’t contact doordash directly I had to send like an email and wait a couple days for a response for them to tell me McDonald’s had to fix it.”

Although DoorDash deliveries can genuinely go wrong, one DoorDasher in the comments said the distrust goes both ways. “When I was new to DD I had a customer claim I stole their food when I handed it to them. I’m sorry someone took your food though.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ashlyn via TikTok comment and to DoorDash and Subway via email.

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