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‘Door dasher wants to blame everyone but himself lol’: DoorDash driver confronts people who took delivery after dropping order off at wrong house. It backfires

'If a container of cookies were dropped on my doorstep ... I'd absolutely eat them.'


Lauren Castro


Posted on Jan 5, 2023

In a viral video posted on Dec. 11, TikTok user Vontez (@newtecnogod) claimed that he caught  DoorDash order thieves “red-handed” after he delivered food to the wrong address.

“DoorDash order caught stealing on camera! Then admitted it!” Vontez wrote in the caption. 

@newtecnogod DOORDASH ORDER CAUGHT STEALING ON CAMERA!THEN ADMITTED IT!!#doordash #steal #apartment #theif #karen #food #police #stealing #delivery #tn #soddydaisy #hixson #chattanooga #trending #viral #cookies #subway @Subway @DoorDash #gopro @GoPro ♬ original sound – NEWTECNOGOD

The video began with Vontez confronting the alleged thieves for acting like they weren’t home when he knocked on the door. While he waited outside, Vontez called his wife and explained the situation.

“I dropped off an order at this door — and it looked like they took the order into the house — and I’m knocking on the door, and they’re acting like they aren’t here,” he said. 

Eventually, a woman opened the door and said that one of her roommates took the order. The woman claimed she thought it was for someone in the apartment, especially since she had friends over.

After the woman asked if he knew where the order was supposed to go, Vontez said he dropped the order off at “the wrong 312.” The woman then admitted that the occupants of the apartment had already started eating the cookies that were delivered.

“That’s theft. You’re gonna have to call and make a police report. [You] are going to get fired. She knew that was not her order,” the TikToker’s wife said on speakerphone. 

Vontez’s wife continued accusing the women of stealing while one of the roommates apologized. 

In the comments section, users sided against Vontez and said that he was at fault for the situation.

“Door dasher wants to blame everyone but himself lol,” one user wrote. 

“People can gift dash orders. Driver is wrong,” another commented.

“They just get a refund. It [happened] to me and it’s not her fault. [He’s] just being extra. My neighbors got free food. That’s that!!!” a third user shared. 

In TikTok direct messages with the Daily Dot, Vontez elaborated on the situation. He claimed that mistakes happen, but he feels there was no mistake in this case.

“What they did wasn’t a mistake. They knew it wasn’t theirs. It had a name on it,” he wrote. “I feel that people have their personal opinions. I’m not upset at all about it, I just learned to CALL AND CONFIRM every customer before I drop off any order.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2023, 4:48 pm CST