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‘I wanted to be friends with Tiffany’: DoorDash driver gets text from customer about how she seemed ‘chill’ and wanted to hang out. Now she can’t find her

‘i rlly hope tiffany sees this.’


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A DoorDash driver ran across a message from a customer who wanted to be friends, and is now having trouble connecting with the person who sent the text.

TikToker Alyssa, who goes by username @alyssacardib, recently posted a video explaining how she was once going through her DoorDash text messages and found a message from a customer named Tiffany.

“It said like, ‘Hey I’m so sorry if this is weird, I’m not trying to be a weirdo, I promise. But you seemed really chill at the dropoff, and I need more friends. So I know this is weird but if you ever want to hang out let me know. I need friends,’” Alyssa recalls.

“I was like, oh my god, that is so bold of her. I need friends too. How did I miss this? It was from like two days ago,” Alyssa tells her followers.


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Customers and Dashers are no longer able to chat after the delivery is completed. And Alyssa couldn’t remember where she had made the delivery to Tiffany.

“So I literally called them and I was like, hey is there any chance you can give me the phone number for a girl named Tiffany? They were like, ‘No, I’m sorry we can’t give you any information.’”

DoorDash could not reveal any identifying information about Tiffany.

“So all I knew was that this girl named Tiffany put herself out there, texted me, wanting to be friends, and it looks like I just completely blew her off,” Alyssa says. “Now I can’t help but think maybe she’s afraid to put herself out there now. Because she got rejected. I needed more friends too. I wanted to be friends with Tiffany, but DoorDash wouldn’t help me out.”

At the end of the video, Alyssa gives her followers a single lead. “All I know is that her name is Tiffany and she’s from College Station, Texas.”

The video has received more than 400,000 views since it was posted June 13. Commenters riveted by the missed connections story are hoping the video going viral will help connect the pair.

“Omg plz get this to Tiffany,” wrote user Caitlin.

“Boost,” wrote another.

“Commenting for Tiffany in Texas,” wrote a third user.

“Bruh you had me thinking it was me,” wrote a user named Tiffany. “I also need friends I was like … did I DoorDash this past week? .. I like in Ohio.”

“How I met a friend of mine 3 yrs ago!!I just ordered the same food the next day and hoped that she’d be the one to drop it off again and she did,” said one.

“Sweet of you to worry about her!” another said. “Not enough kindness like this in the World.”

And one noted simply, “I rlly hope tiffany sees this.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alyssa via TikTok DM and DoorDash via email for comment.

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