Door Dasher confronts customer that got him fired

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‘Who does that?’: DoorDash driver confronts customer who got him fired, he said

‘Give this man his job back’


Grace Fowler


In a viral TikTok video, a DoorDash driver confronts a customer who claimed she never received the food she ordered. He was fired from DoorDash the morning after he delivered it to her. 

The video was posted by @dashdropdaily, an account that focuses on the lives of DoorDash drivers. It is not confirmed whether Dashers submit their videos to the account or if they are reposted to TikTok.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the video has reached over 5.2 million views since it was originally posted on July 10.

In the minute and 30 second-long clip, the driver walked into the customer’s place of work. He said that he delivered her food from Chipotle, but that she marked that she never got her meal. He then told her that he just got fired.

“This is my only source of income,” he said. “I do this all day, now I’m fired from my job.”

He asked the woman for her company’s corporate number because, “I need to get your ass fired.” 

The woman denied the driver’s allegations and said she didn’t lie to DoorDash.

“Do you wanna say that you got your food?” he asked. She didn’t respond and continued to work at her desk.

“I can call the cops for theft,” he added. 

“I’m not stealing,” she finally responded.

The driver goes on to yell out comments saying “Who raised you?” and calling her a piece of trash. 

The video then pans to the company’s manager. The manager talked to the driver and said he will give him the corporate number so he can report the customer.

“You have thieves working here,” the driver says and ended the video. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @dashdropsdaily by TikTok direct message and DoorDash via email. 

One viewer commented advice for future DoorDash drivers in hopes this doesn’t happen again.

“The dasher needs to take a picture of the customer holding the order,” they said.

“They need to have some kind of signature arrangement like certified mail,” another commenter said.

Several viewers praised the driver for standing his ground.

“Don’t back down, these people should be ashamed of themselves,” another read. 

Other viewers asked for updates from the account.

One viewer responded and said, “She got in a little bit of legal trouble. Unfortunately the man did not get his job back.”

Viewers think this is because DoorDash doesn’t reactivate accounts. “Most likely he went to GrubHub,” a commenter said. 

It is unclear whether the commenters’ statement is true. Some viewers also believe that the lying customer got fired, and the driver did get his job back.

“Lots of companies have made exceptions after a viral video,” a commenter said. 

Unfortunately, this seems to be a common experience between DoorDash drivers. In recent headlines, another driver catches a customer lying about not receiving his delivery, and one driver confronts a customer who gave no tip.

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