DoorDash driver curses out customer for leaving him a $5 tip for $20 pizza order


‘It’s a nice house for a $5 tip’: DoorDash driver curses out customer for leaving him a controversial tip on $20 pizza order

‘Keep the change you filthy animal.’


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A DoorDash customer recently posted a viral video of a driver cursing her out after she gave him a $5 tip for a $20 pizza.

TikToker Lacey Purciful (@ladybug3660) caught an incisive exchange between herself and her DoorDasher after he finishes delivering her pizza. The video has been viewed over 203,000 times as of Monday, sparking condemnation for the Dasher’s behavior.

In the video, the DoorDash driver, known as a Dasher, is filmed through the doorbell camera, handing Lacey her pizza and turning around to walk away. After he steps off her porch, he turns around and says, “I just want to say it’s a nice house for a 5 dollar tip”.

“You’re welcome,” Lacey shouts as he continues to walk away.

“F*ck you,” he responds.

Her clip flips to a cut of a scene from Home Alone where a character says, “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”

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Tip creep is an ever-growing phenomena in America. However, rules around tipping delivery drivers have been well-established in American culture for decades. Three to 5 dollars is still considered a perfectly acceptable tip since delivery drivers aren’t expected to perform the same level of service as a waiter. In this case, Lacey tipped the driver 25% which is arguably generous tip even for a waiter.

Users were disgusted by the Dasher’s behavior.

“Omg what?! That’s literally over 20%!” a user exclaimed.

“Tipping is out of control. 5 on 20 is more than enough,” another agreed.

“The amount of times I get $0 on $100 as a server I’d be more than happy with $5 on $20,” a waiter added.

“And he still cussed at you after tipping him!? Wow,” a user agreed.

“For a $20 order, a $5 tip is not bad at all! I appreciate how you handled his behavior. You did the right thing,” a user said.

“Please tell me he got fired,” one said.

DoorDash responded to our request for comment by explaining that abusive behavior by Dashers is never acceptable and that he was removed from DoorDash’s platform:

“Respectfully asking for a tip is acceptable but abusing or harassing someone is never acceptable. We’ve removed this Dasher from our platform and reached out to the customer.  Our rules exist to help ensure everyone who uses our platform – Dashers, customers, merchants – have a safe and enjoyable experience.  We expect everyone to treat others with respect and we will enforce our rules fairly and consistently.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Lacey via TikTok comments.

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