DoorDash driver has to climb under gate to deliver food to customer

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‘You really expect us to be doing this for a $2.50 tip?’: DoorDash driver has to climb under gate to deliver food to customer

'I'll leave it at the gate and go on with my day.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 6, 2024   Updated on Feb 8, 2024, 3:55 pm CST

If you live in a hard-to-enter apartment building, you’re probably aware some DoorDash and delivery orders get left outside the building when the workers are unable to access the building.

TikTok user Danny Kellz (@manicpixiemasc), who uses she/they pronouns, filmed herself trying to get in one such building. “You know when you’re like, DoorDashing and they’re like, ‘Leave it at my door,’ but then there’s a gate,” they asked their 14,000 followers.

Danny had to crawl under the gate just to get to the apartment unit. “You really expect us to just be doing this … for a $2.50 tip?” she questioned before adding, “What do you mean, ‘Leave it at my door?’ There’s a gate, no code.”

Danny said they were joking in the video’s caption and shared which one of the five love languages—words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts giving and/or receiving, quality time, and physical touch—they possess. “Im jk this makes my acts of service language go crazy,” Danny shared.

@manicpixiemasc Im jk this makes my acts of service language go crazy #doordash#fyp#genz#actsofservice#wlw ♬ original sound – danny kellz

Danny’s video was viewed nearly 250,000 times. Viewers who also DoorDash said how annoyed this would have made them and shared their tactics for dealing with customers who live in highly secured apartment buildings. “The customer didn’t give you a gate code? I would have message them,” one said.

“You’re better than me because I’ll leave it at the gate and go on with my day,” another shared.

“I’ve had many deliveries with no code, even if you message they respond like 10-15 minutes later. leaving it at the gate it is,” a third wrote.

This is a common complaint on Reddit as well. One redditor complained that customers who live in apartments are also not very responsive when they need a code or help with directions. One DoorDash driver shared in April of 2023 that it is helpful when customers who live in apartments drop pins so that the workers can find their exact units more easily.

Viewers also applauded Danny for sliding under the gate so effortlessly. Danny slid under the gate in under 5 seconds.

“Lmaooo I’m sorry but you handled that wayyy too easy tho,” one viewer wrote.

“You rlly did that tho,” a second stated.

Update 3:55pm CT, Feb. 8: When reached for comment, Danny told the Daily Dot that customers not giving her a gate code is a common occurrence. “Typically I can catch another car leaving or going in for gate access. Sometimes there is a code option this one didn’t have one,” Danny said.

During her time as a DoorDasher, she has never left an order outside of a gate. “I love challenges and holding the standard high for other dashers,” she stated. “Ultimately, I do enjoy situations like this leaving the costumers shocked at how one can get in.”

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2024, 12:00 am CST