Door Dash Driver shares PSA to DROP A PIN

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‘For the love of God, drop a pin’: DoorDash driver shares PSA to customers who live in apartments 

‘I just don’t accept those orders lol.’


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Posted on Apr 24, 2023

Plenty of DoorDash drivers have expressed their disdain for delivering orders to apartments. In fact, on TikTok, one viral clip even exposed a worker caught eating a customer’s order because he supposedly couldn’t find her unit.

So, what’s the source of all the apartment rage? There are plenty of reasons why delivering to multi-unit dwellings could frustrate food delivery workers—especially if those orders take more time to complete.

Some complexes, for example, require delivery drivers to buzz-in, and DoorDashers have faced difficulties even getting into the unit. Then there’s the added labor of having to hunt down the individual apartment building itself. Customers might also forget to include their unit number while inputting their addresses—forcing the delivery driver to have to contact them and hunt down their location.

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Again, a combination of factors can add several minutes to an order, which can have a negative impact on a delivery driver’s bottom line. But recently, one Kentucky-based TikToker, Megan Whitmer, (@meganmakesjokes) shared a simple solution for DoorDash customers who live in apartment buildings: to drop a “pin” in the app. This feature, which is commonly found on pretty much every major modern smartphone, uses a device’s GPS sensors to determine an accurate location for the device holder.

“Here’s a little DoorDash tip from your friendly, reluctant DoorDash driver. If you order DoorDash and you live in an apartment building, for the love of God, drop a pin to tell us where to find you,” Whitmer said. “I do not want to be out here in the dark searching for building 42 300 A. I host a true crime podcast. While I’m out here stumbling around with your food, I have already imagined all 372 ways I’m about to get murdered. That’s all.”

Other DoorDash drivers have similarly expressed how little they enjoy making apartment deliveries. Redditor @Riamatttttt, for instance, wrote in a post uploaded to the site’s r/DoorDash sub: “Does anyone else hate delivering to apartments? I have so many customers who don’t give gate codes or directions. I mean, I don’t live in your complex and it’s dark AF. I don’t know where to find the apartment among the many buildings and then they don’t answer when I call or text for assistance. It’s SO annoying.”

TikTok users who replied to Whitmer’s post agreed with her assessment. One user even gave a second tip to DoorDash customers: “TURN YOUR F-ing porch light on if you know you ordered freakin food and it’s dark, ok that’s all.”

Other drivers also commented to vent their frustration about various types of deliveries.

“OR. You go up 3 flights of stairs only to go up another 3 flights of stairs on the OTHER side because the diner failed 2 note which entrance 2 enter,” said one user.

“I just don’t accept those orders lol,” commented another.

But one DoorDash customer, who said they live in an apartment, said that there might some instances when the driver is at fault. “I live in an apt!!! Leave good delivery notes to find me easier, BUT GUESS WHAT! DRIVERS HERE DON’T READ IT,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and Whitmer via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2023, 7:18 am CDT