man in front of phone with 'Chime' credit card decline messages from Doordash


‘LMAOO $96 ON DOORDASH??’: TikToker says someone stole their credit card info to buy from DoorDash. It backfires

‘They got the wrong one.’


Braden Bjella


Getting your credit or debit card information stolen is surprisingly common. In 2015, Quartz reported that “nearly half of all the credit card fraud around the world occurs in the U.S., even though America accounts for only about a quarter of the global card volume”—and when your card information gets stolen, the consequences can be pretty severe.

Earlier this month, a user on TikTok reported that their card information was stolen, and the thief spent over $300 on shoes. A few months prior, a mother claimed that someone skimmed their EBT card and stole $900 in benefits.

Now, another user has gone viral after sharing their fraud story—only this time, it ends a little differently than one might expect.

In a clip with over 631,000 views, TikTok user Franco (@hellomrfranco) shows a phone screen with numerous declined DoorDash purchases via his banking app, Chime. One screenshot shows that Franco’s current balance is $0.02.

“Whoever’s trying to use my card right now, I don’t have $96 in my bank, baby,” says Franco. “You’re not going to get nothing!”


Im like POOR! Plus wyat are you getting thats 96 DOLLARS??? You buying the whole menu or sum?

♬ original sound – FRANCO

In the caption, Franco added, “Im like POOR! Plus wyat are you getting thats 96 DOLLARS??? You buying the whole menu or sum?”

In the comments section, users expressed concern while laughing at the scammer’s attempt to continually charge the card.

“Nah the balance has me LEVITATING,” wrote a user. “They got the wrong one.”

“‘Because your balance is $0.02’ is INSANNNNNNEEEEE,” echoed another.

“And they keep trying… like it’s going to decline every time,” stated a third.

Others shared similar stories to Franco’s.

“I remember this happened to me when my purse was stolen…u not getting no door dash off me,” recalled a user.

“Bank notifications are disrespectful sometimes,” said a second. “I spent 84 at target and my Oxygen bank sent a notification like ‘did you really need what you got.’”

“Lmfao me when someone tried to spend $50 on my cash app and when that didn’t work they tried $100,” claimed an additional TikToker. “Like WHAT I didn’t even have $50.”

If you have your card information stolen, Experian recommends notifying your card issuer, placing a fraud alert on your credit report, reporting the fraud to law enforcement, and contacting credit bureaus. 

Or, you can try Franco’s method: keeping a solid bank balance of just 2 cents.

The Daily Dot reached out to Franco via Instagram direct message.

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