McDonald's customer says worker pocketed her credit card info

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‘He then leaves with my card’: McDonald’s customer says worker pocketed her credit card info, tried to buy sneakers

'You always say, ‘It won’t happen to me…’ LIKE SH*T, IT HAPPENS.'


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Posted on Aug 8, 2023

A TikToker went viral after she claimed that her credit card information was stolen by a McDonald’s drive-thru worker. She says she only found out because they tried to buy sneakers.

TikToker Van Valliere (@Van_and_fam) posted a video venting about how she discovered her credit card information had been stolen. Van’s video has been viewed over 101,000 times as of Monday. 

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In the video, Van shared her realization: “McDonald’s got me f*cked up…. Yesterday I went to McDonald’s. I did the Happy Meal order and the guy was like, ‘OK come to the second window.'”

Van passed the first window with the cashier and drove to the order window, like she had been instructed. She handed the McDonald’s worker her card and waited for him to hand it back to her along with her order. 

Instead, the employee walked away with her credit card. “He then leaves with my card for a good bit of time. Maybe the first window was broken or whatever,” she said, explaining why she didn’t react at the time.

Unaware of the potential theft, the McDonald’s customer took back her card and left with her order. 

The next day, while shopping with her family, Van discovered that her card information had been stolen. “I’m trying to buy something from TJ Maxx with my husband and my son,” she said. “That b*tch said declined … Just then a text came through saying did I purchase anything for $375 from this shoe place. I immediately say no.” 

Van paused and took a breath. “I look up the place. It’s right by the McDonald’s. That motherf*cker took my sh*t and tried to buy some sneakers,” she concluded. 

Commenters were sympathetic.

“Oh yeah, I heard about this a long time ago. Some places take pictures of your cards and they buy sh*t with it,” a user wrote. 

“You always say, ‘It won’t happen to me…’ LIKE SH*T, IT HAPPENS,” Van replied. 

“It’s always been a fear of mine. Especially that I won’t get my money back. It [can] be sketchy out there. Sorry girl,” the user added.

There are documented cases of drive-thru workers workers stealing credit card information. Three McDonald’s employees from four locations in Grand Rapids, Mich. are currently being investigated for stealing credit card information from customers. 

According to deputies, 90 photos and videos of customers’ credit cards have been recovered. The thieves had allegedly stole over $50,000 in fraudulent purchases, including in-store purchases and plane tickets. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Van via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email for further information. 

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*First Published: Aug 8, 2023, 2:36 am CDT