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‘$3,000 at Chili’s?’: Customer spends $25k on DoorDash in 1 year, gets roasted by viewers

‘bros stove must have cobwebs.’


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A journalist recently got flamed on TikTok after revealing that he spent a whopping $25,000 on DoorDash over the course of one year.

The journalist, Scoop Nashville editor Jason Steen, originally posted a tweet questioning why—and how—he spent so much. “I really find this stat hard to believe,” he wrote. “I spent $25K last year… How is anyone living on $40K/yr?” A screenshot of his spending breakdown accompanied the text. And the spreadsheet revealed that, among other things, Steen spent $3,020 at Chili’s, $2,177 at Chick-fil-A, $1,593 at El Bracero, and $1,024 at Shipley Donuts.

The tweet, which went viral, prompted TikTok user @meme_saint_laurent to post a video lambasting Steen for his spending habits. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had over 61,700 views.

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“$25,000 is a lot to spend on eating out,” the content creator said. “$3,000 at Chili’s? Let me ask you: What is on the Chili’s menu that would make you want to spend $3,000 there?”

In his TikTok, @meme_saint_laurent highlighted many of the other ridiculous charges on Steen’s spreadsheet. For one, he questioned why Steen spent $1,556 at Hooters as the restaurant’s entire appeal is the bespoke dining experience. He also said that eating out is probably bad for Steen, who has apparently received a heart transplant.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Steen via Twitter direct message, @meme_saint_laurent via TikTok comment, and to DoorDash by email. In the comments, though, many viewers were similarly shocked by Steen’s spending.

“man was nearly spending $70 a day on door dash,” one viewer wrote.

“Who doordashes hooters?” a second questioned.

“bros stove must have cobwebs,” a third user quipped.

Others, however, said that they didn’t think some of the charges were all that high. The top-liked comment on @meme_saint_laurent’s video read: “I’ve definitely spent like $4k on [Chick-fil-A].”

“He just like me,” another said.

Indeed, Steen isn’t the only person to spend an exorbitant amount of money on DoorDash. Last year, football players at Rutgers University made headlines for allegedly spending a staggering $450,000 through DoorDash over the course of 14 months. Plus, one commenter who responded to the TikTok claimed that someone they knew spent $100,000 on DoorDash in a single year.

That’s a lot of southwestern egg rolls.

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