Taco Bell worker warns customers not to eat there in the morning

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‘Chipotle does it too’: Taco Bell worker warns customers not to eat there in the morning

‘Who eats Taco Bell before 12pm?’


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A Taco Bell worker urged customers not to eat at the fast food restaurant in the mornings because they allege that all the food is leftovers from the day before.

With 20,400 views on her post, TikTok user Niyah (@bigniyahnotthelil) warned customers, “Don’t eat at Taco Bell in the morning everything from the day before.”

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In the clip, the creator revealed the previous day’s leftovers in the kitchen. The food appeared dried out and congealed in half-empty containers.

The Taco Bell worker claimed that this food was left over from the day before but did not offer any type of proof in the video. Nevertheless, perishable food left out can cause a number of sicknesses. “If that food is ‘perishable’—meaning a food that should be refrigerated to prevent bacteria from multiplying at room temperature—then a foodborne illness is possible if the food is ‘temperature abused.’

When contaminated food is left out for more than two hours at room temperature, bacteria can begin to grow and produce toxins. The more toxins in the food, the sicker the person who eats the temperature-abused food will be,” per Ohio State University.

The video resonated with a number of viewers.

One person asked the creator a question that was on many people’s minds, writing, “Ain’t y’all supposed to throw it away?”

The content creator responded to the comment, “They don’t wanna waste product so if there enough to save they will save it.”

Another wondered, “Who eats Taco Bell before 12pm?” The creator also responded to this person, saying, “I swear you will be surprised we be busy at 11.”

Many fast-food workers alleged that other chains are guilty of this practice as well.

“Subway too food stays in them same containers right in a cooler with lids. Pop them off in the morning good to go,” one viewer shared.

“Chipotle do it to so,” a second wrote.

“Any pizzeria too lol,” a third commented.

In addition, commenters condemned the quality of the restaurant’s food.

“That’s why they say if u gonna eat taco bell u better get ready for the bathroom,” one person said.

“Taco Bell’s quality has gone to sh*t, yet they still increased their prices. I’d rather eat my own sh*t than go to Taco Bell again,” a second remarked.

“As a employee from taco bell from new york this is unacceptable y leave food overnight like that throw it out,” a third condemned.

The Daily Dot reached out to Niyah via TikTok comment and Taco Bell via press email regarding the video.

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