Server says customer left dog inside car with no AC, demanded a refund when cops came

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‘She had already been there a good 45 mins’: Server says customer left dog inside car with no air conditioning, demanded refund when cops came

'I hope you get your car towed and go to jail. Who leaves their dog in a car?'


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Posted on Sep 17, 2023   Updated on Sep 17, 2023, 8:13 am CDT

Every server has a story of outlandish customer requests, but through her TikTok account @sassyserver0529, Stephanie, who also works as a server, is laying out the most absurd she’s encountered throughout her career.

She tells followers in her account description, “Welcome to the thunder dome where we talk about ALL the drama of restaurant work.” And in the past, she’s certainly delivered on that—recounting tales of a party of 80 all wanting separate receipts, and a bride-to-be expecting the restaurant to have an on-site dressing room, among others.

But her latest encounter with a customer, which she shared in a new video, might be the most absurd of all.

Reenacting an encounter with a colleague, Stephanie recalls them saying how, when parking their car, they noticed a dog looking “super hot” in the car next to them. “The window is not rolled down, and the car is not running or anything,” their colleague allegedly said, adding that it was “102 degrees outside.”

The colleague tasked Stephanie with finding the responsible customer’s table and asking them to let their dog out, but when she couldn’t, Stephanie said she decided to call the cops.

“Now, I don’t know how cop magic works or anything like that. But the cops get there in like four minutes, right?” she told viewers. “They’re able to call this person, I guess they have their phone number registered with their license that was registered to the car.”

But it was once the cops called the customers mid-meal that things really escalated, Stephanie added.

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“The cops call them and then I see this table, like, get up and run outside,” she recalled. “The lady is livid. The cop is like, ‘You can’t leave your dog in a car. It’s like 100 degrees in Atlanta right now. You cannot leave your dog in your car.’ And [the customer] is all like, ‘I’m not done eating yet.’ He’s like, ‘I don’t give a flip.'”

Stephanie continues, “So, this dried-out biscuit comes inside and was like, ‘I need a refund for my food because the COP is making me leave with my dog.'”

Stephanie’s response? “Absolutely not. Not only are you paying for your food, you’re paying for the other person’s food with you, and I hope you get your car towed and go to jail. Who leaves their dog in the car?”

It is currently illegal in 31 U.S. states to leave your dog in a car unattended if it is deemed to endanger their life.

Several viewers agreed with Stephanie that calling the cops was the right thing to do.

“The cops should have broken the windows just to give them a “real” inconvenience,” someone wrote.


In an email to the Daily Dot, Stephanie reiterated that this was “100% based on a true story.”

“The woman was super annoyed that I called the police about her dog being left in the car,” she said. “The police told her to pay her tab and leave with her dog or they were going to tow her car and take her dog to the pound. I was extremely shocked that she wanted a refund for her own poor choices but I really wanted to see her go to jail. “

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2023, 8:03 am CDT