Server says party of 80 people wanted to split $3,000 check individually

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‘We all want separate checks’: Server says party of 80 people wanted to split $3,000 check individually

‘You clearly guaranteed us our money on one single check.’


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 29, 2023   Updated on Aug 30, 2023, 5:59 pm CDT

A server went viral on TikTok after sharing a story-time about a party of 80 customers who wanted individualized checks for a $3,000 tab.

The server, Stephanie (@sassyserver0529), regularly posts content about “ALL the drama of restaurant work.” In this clip, she first provided context to viewers. Stephanie said that her restaurant has a banquet party room that can hold up to 80 people. But for a party to reserve the room, she said, they have to sign a contract.

The contract states “the… minimum they have to meet, plus the tax and gratuity,” she explained. “It also states that it is one, single, solitary check for the food. You can have multiple checks for the alcohol, but only one check for the food.”

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Unfortunately, Stephanie said that the party that made the reservation didn’t read the fine print. And when it was time to pay, things went downhill. 

“At no point in time did anyone explain to me that it had to be one, single check,” one of the angry customers apparently said. “I don’t have $3,000 to pay this tab. We all want separate checks.”

Stephanie, however, said that she didn’t budge and held firm on the contract’s language. “Do you see this signed contract?” she asked the guest. “$2,500, plus tax and gratuity. Do you see that signature right there? Yes, ma’am. I have receipts.” 

Furthermore, Stephanie said that she told the guests to start collecting Venmo and Cash App handles because she wasn’t going to spend “25 minutes separating checks.”

Stephanie said that the guest insisted that her card would not “clear” a $3,200 check. But instead of giving in, Stephanie reiterated her suggestion about downloading mobile payment service apps.

“You clearly guaranteed these people food, and you clearly guaranteed us our money on one single check,” she responded. “So, I would suggest getting those… Venmo’s going because we’ll be back in a few minutes to run your card.” 

The worker ended her video with a PSA to restaurant patrons: “Review and read all the way to the bottom of the contracts before you sign them,” she said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Stephanie via email, Instagram direct message, and TikTok comment. As of Monday evening, her video had over 7,100 views, with many users praising Stephanie for standing her ground.

“straight up! dont play with people’s money!” one viewer wrote.

“Good for you!” another added.

“read people read,” a third person said.

Other servers shared similar stories. 

“we do contract parties in the party room as well,” one shared. “still won’t stop folks from trying it!”

Update 6pm CT, Aug. 30: Stephanie told the Daily Dot she’s worked for the restaurant industry “on an off for 16 years.” According to the content creator, “this particular situation doesn’t happen very often.”

“This is maybe once a year thing,” she shared via email.

She also revealed why her job doesn’t allow customers to split checks.

“We don’t allow them to split their food checks because we have found over time that it wasn’t beneficial to the business to allow it,” she said. “We mainly host rehearsal dinners, bday parties, and Christmas parties so not everyone stays for the entire dinner service. People move around a lot and it becomes difficult to keep up who moved where. Not to mention it’s a huge pain to split checks. We removed the possibility of profit loss with single food checks.”

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 4:30 am CDT