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‘I actually worked for the company for 3 years before they terminated me for whistleblowing’: Former Discount Tire worker shares how to get a tire for free

‘All you have to do is tell them you don’t have any money.’


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If one of your car tires is on its last legs, tread-wise, relief may be on the way—that is if one former Discount Tire employee is truly spilling the beans on his past company’s replacement policy.

The former Discount Tire employee, Nathan Tints (@nathan_tints), posted a video earlier this week where he claimed to know the ultimate hack for a new set of wheels. As of Tuesday evening, Tints’ video had over 562,000 views.

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“I actually worked at the company for 3 years before they terminated me for whistleblowing,” Tints said. If you go into a Discount Tire store and they tell you that you have an excessively worn tire or that your tire is not safe to drive on, Tints said, the retailer will replace it for free if you say that you don’t have any money.

“All you have to do is tell them you don’t have any money to buy a new tire,” Tints said. “They’ll give you one for free.” He added that customers probably won’t be able to score a free set of four tires, though.

The reveal is pretty jaw-dropping. But does it work? According to online reports, Discount Tire will patch tires for free and price match. But there is no set policy on the company website regarding free replacement tires. The Daily Dot has reached out to Discount Tire via email for comment.

Some of Tints’ viewers, however, confirmed that the hack was real.

“Yes sir I worked for them 13 yrs,” one employee commented.

“This is true my son ran into an issue once and they gave him a tire,” another confirmed.

“THIS IS 100% TRUE. This happened to me a long time ago!!! I thought I just had good karma finally come my way!!” a third person said.

However, many people reported no such luck getting a free replacement tire. 

“They just told me to put the spare on until I do have the money,” one viewer shared.

“Well apparently [it] doesn’t count the ones near Dallas,” another wrote. “I told them I didn’t have money and they just said sorry.”

Tints did not specify in his video whether the alleged policy is the same for every Discount Tire location. We have reached out to him via TikTok comment.

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