Tire company worker shares hack to never having to 'pay full-price for a tire'

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‘You just saved me 40 bucks while sitting in Discount Tire scrolling TikTok’: Worker shares Amazon hack to never pay full-price for a tire

‘Every company will do it.’


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In a viral video, TikToker Alex Rodriguez shared his tip for helping customers get the best price on tires.

The video is a stitch with user @tacoreacts, who asked, “What’s a company secret that you shouldn’t know, but you’re just like f*ck it. I hate this job.”

In his TikTok, Rodriguez (@arodkcco) shared that he works for the headquarters of a “major” tire company on the east coast.

“Best trick I could give you is price match to Amazon,” Rodriguez said. “… Never pay full price for a tire. Amazon will always have a lower price than almost anywhere you go.”

“amazon sells tires!!!!!????” one commenter responded, surprised.

Rodriguez suggested customers in the market for a new tire call up their local tire shop, get the price for their tire size, and then let them know you found the same tire on Amazon for a better price and ask if they price match.

“Every company will do it,” Rodriguez said. “It’s all about units sold, not so much the cost per.”

The video has more than 930,000 views and 669 comments.

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The median cost of a single new tire is about $167 or $668 for a set of four. However, the price can differ drastically based on the type of tire, size, and brand, Upstart reported. Budget tires range from $50 to $150 each, mid-range tires are $100 to $300 each, and high-end tires can start at $300 for one tire and go up to a whopping $1,000.

Installation is at least cheaper than the tire cost, coming in at $15 to $45, depending on where you get them installed. A tire shop like that at Sam’s Club charges on the lower end, while a dealership may be on the higher end.

Upstart also shared a few additional tips on saving money on tires, including buying tires during holidays with sales, like Black Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, or New Year’s, and opting for all-season tires that can handle the elements associated with everything from winter to summer.

Several commenters shared that they followed Rodriguez’s advice and got a nice discount.

“You just saved me 40 bucks while sitting in discount tire scrolling TikTok lol thanks man!” a person wrote.

“Did that at Discount Tire for a major price difference. Matched it no problem,” another shared.

A commenter pointed out that they need to find the tire wholesaler to get the best price.

“It’s funny because Amazon has already raised the price to sell it, then the tire company matches it, so all together we need the direct source,” a viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Rodriguez via TikTok comment.

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