Woman says delivery driver added huge tip to her order after she told him she couldn't afford to tip

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‘I told him I couldn’t afford to tip’: Woman says delivery driver added huge tip to her order. Now she can’t pay rent

'Trying to get a refund so I can afford to live.'


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Posted on Apr 15, 2024   Updated on Apr 15, 2024, 9:50 am CDT

TikTok user Molly (@unpopularity101) said she can’t pay her rent, and it’s because a delivery driver decided to take it upon themselves to charge a tip to her account even though she didn’t authorize it.

She posted about the unfortunate stressful experience in a pair of viral TikToks, which prompted a variety of different responses from folks on the platform. Some said that she shouldn’t order delivery if she can’t afford to tip in the first place. Others sympathized with her plight and said she should immediately notify the authorities and/or call up the business to let them know what happened.

“Me when I ordered a pizza and the driver illegally added a tip large enough to f—- me over for rent after I told him I couldn’t afford to tip,” she wrote in the text overlay of her video as she looks off to the side in her clip and runs her fingers through her hair.

She then places her fingers in the center or her forehead, emoting a frustrated expression over the situation. Numerous commenters who responded to the video urged the woman to take legal action against the presumptuous delivery driver.

A person, who works as a driver, suggested, “a charge back or 100% calling the police! That is NOT okay!!”

“At that point I would call your bank and say it was a mistake order and get all your money refunded,” another said.

Someone else urged her to call up the store she ordered her food from. “Talk to the manager!! if not maybe you can dispute the charges with your bank?” they questioned.

But there was one TikTok user who seemed a bit confused as to how the delivery driver was able to charge her account in the first place. However, someone else responded to them stating that if an order is called into a restaurant, then whoever is processing the order could customize their own tip without informing the patron.

There were other people who wanted to know just how much money was charged to her account that she wasn’t able to pay her rent.


Am i really gonna have to press charges over $40? Cuz im petty enough

♬ silence. – sugamama

Molly implied that the amount was $40 in a caption of a follow-up, writing, “Am i really gonna have to press charges over $40? Cuz im petty enough.” She also explained in the follow-up video how the driver was able to add a tip: She said they wrote it into the receipt of the pizzeria she ordered from. She also claimed that when she called the pizzeria to complain, she was ignored. She didn’t name the pizzeria.

Delivery drivers taking matters into their own hands after not receiving the tip they want appears to be a recurring theme on social media. There was one DoorDash customer who claimed that a driver for the service ended up slashing the tires to her car after she didn’t leave him a gratuity. In a video captured by a doorbell camera, a delivery worker delivering a $20 pizza to a woman’s home got upset the customer only tipped $5.

Commenters in each of these instances argued about gratuities for delivery drivers. Some said tips should be mandatory, while others argued they are optional and that the onus to pay workers a livable wage shouldn’t fall on the customer.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Molly via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 15, 2024, 12:00 pm CDT