DoorDash driver stabbed her car tire with a rock because she didn't tip

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‘He really did the dash’: Customer claims DoorDash driver stabbed her car tire with a rock because she didn’t tip

'Is there a reason why you didn’t tip?'


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Posted on Jul 17, 2023

A DoorDash customer went viral after catching a delivery driver stabbing her car’s tires with a rock because she didn’t tip him.

TikToker Keitha (@k_evans78) filmed the man returning to her house to vandalize her car after delivering a case of water, using her Wyze camera. The video has been viewed over 24,000 times as of Monday.

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The clip begins at the end of the interaction as the resident of Lubbuck, Texas, and her driver say goodbye to each other. She walks into her house and the DoorDash driver turns to walk away, presumably towards his own car.

As she goes inside the house, a voiceover says, “Only in Lubbock, Texas. I DoorDash’ed water. My dasher got mad because I didn’t tip him.”

The recording’s timer then jumps to 12 minutes later. In the same driveway, a man is seen crouching beside Keitha’s car and taking what she claims is a rock to her tires. The person then sprints away.

“Not the rock,” Keitha says, alleging that it was the same DoorDash delivery driver who was slashing her tires. “Look at him run. He really did the dash.”

Some users were shocked by the delivery driver’s behavior.

“The f*ck wrong with people omg!!!!” one user exclaimed.

“I hope you pressed charges, he is weird,” another said.

Some tried to understand the reasoning behind the vandalism.

“Is there a reason why you didn’t tip? Did it take a long time from when it said they excepted it to when they delivered it?” asked one person, before adding, “And I hope you pressed charges and had them pay for the tire.”

Keitha explained that there were multiple issues with her delivery that led to her not tipping her driver. “Yea because it took forever and he delivered it to the wrong address then got mad @ me because he went to the wrong house…yeah I pressed charges and they’re paying for my tires.”

But many users placed blame for the tire-slashing incident on the DoorDash customer, claiming that she deserved it because she didn’t tip. In fact, many delivery drivers on TikTok have stated that they will not even pick up an order if the customer doesn’t leave a tip.

“That actually happens everywhere. Ppl don’t tip so ppl get upset. Lol next time tip or get ya own water,” one person said.

“Good for him … next time go get your own water you lazy witch,” another agreed.

“Yeah I’m on his side. U telling me u expect someone to go to the store for u, get u heavy waters, & u have the nerve to not tip & play victim?” a third asked.

“ITS NOT MANDATORY TO TIP” THTS HIS JOB … WELL IT WAS HIS JOB,” the DoorDash customer responded, arguing that the tire-slashing delivery driver had one job to do, which was to make her delivery, regardless of whether or not she tipped him.

Some other users agreed with this sentiment.

“The way y’all in these comments acting like a tip is mandatory is crazy. I don’t tip until AFTER I get my order. Y’all feel so entitled to a tip tf,” one said.

Another expressed her exhaustion with America’s tipping culture, writing, “I’m so tired of this entitled tipping culture. Imagine your doctor purposely giving you the wrong medication because you didn’t tip them.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Keitha via TikTok comments and DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 6:26 pm CDT