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‘She for sure just did a felony’: Days Inn by Wyndham guest says woman destroyed hotel’s breakfast area

'This right here is why I don't like working in the hotel business.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 22, 2023   Updated on Sep 22, 2023, 3:02 pm CDT

A user on TikTok claims to have caught a felony in action while staying at a Days Inn by Wyndham in Rapid City, South Dakota.

In a series of three videos, the user documents the full experience, which she says began when she heard an incident taking place outside of her room.

“She for sure just did a felony from destroying everything in the breakfast room,” says TikToker Lana (@lanaoriger). According to Lana, she overheard the destruction while showering. She also claims an employee confirmed to her that “the room they were in had major damage too.”

@lanaoriger #partone Currenlty at a #daysinnbywyndham in Rapid City SD. Got out of the shower and this lady was destroying everything and i mean everything. Swear she was on something for how she was acting. #fyp #rapidcitysouthdakota #wow #foryou ♬ original sound – Lana

In the second part, Lana shows the aftermath of the incident. Multiple chairs and tables are overturned, and several items appear broken.

“I wanted to help the [guy] working but he had to wait for the police report to be finished and then two other workers showed up to help him,” Lana explained in the caption.

@lanaoriger #parttwo i wanted to help the giy working but he had to wait for the police report to be finished and then two other workers showed up to help him. #daysinnbywyndham #rapidcitysouthdakota #fyp #crazy #2023 ♬ original sound – Lana

The offenders were eventually arrested, as Lana shares in a final part. The video shows a man and a woman being taken out of the hotel in handcuffs.

@lanaoriger #partthree had to put music over it as i was talking to my mom in the back how i thought i heard them say stop resisting and how the cuffs hurt her. #daysinnbywyndham #rapidcity #rapidcitysouthdakota #wow #cops #funny #fyp ♬ Bad Boys (Theme from Cops) – Inner Circle

In the comments of this third video, Lana lays out the whole story from her perspective. According to Lana, the damage was caused by “mainly the woman from my understanding.” 

“I went to the lobby and heard screaming from a room down the hall,” she recalls. “Then I went back to my room to take a shower. Next thing I know my mom said someone’s destroying the breakfast room.”

“Later that night I went to talk to the front desk clerk as I’m one myself and he said he called the cops 45 minutes prior to them arriving,” she continues. “I called them as well when I heard her destroying everything and the lady with dispatch said ‘We’ve received multiple calls. Officers are on the way.’ After my phone call, it was still another 10-20 minutes till they got there.”  

The Rapid City Police Department has not put out a statement regarding the incident. The Daily Dot reached out to them for comment via email.

Commenters were incensed by what they saw.

“Man this right here is why I dont like working in the hotel business,” a user said.

“If I ever see this in public, I will mace that person,” another added. “I can’t believe people feel they need to do this to others over something so petty.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Wyndham via email and Lana via TikTok comment.

Update 9:12am CT, Sept. 22, 2023: In a TikTok direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Lana revealed that all of this occurred on the first night of her trip.

“I checked in maybe 3 hours prior to the incident,” she said. “It all started Friday evening around 7, I think. I went to the lobby to get some more shampoo and conditioner because I forgot mine at home. When I was at the lobby…I could hear banging from the hallway I was staying in. I assumed a possible domestic violence [incident], because I work in a hotel as well and it happens more often than those think.”

Lana said once she got her shampoo, she went back to her room to take a shower where she began hearing “banging and screaming” through the wall.

“My mom comes into the bathroom and informs me that a lady is destroying the lobby and breakfast area, which was on the other side of our wall,” she said. “All I could hear was this lady destroying everything and anything in sight and screaming, ‘Let’s go…let’s f*cking go, dad.'”

The police, Lana stated, didn’t seem to take the issue seriously.

“When calling dispatch, they didn’t seem to care [at] all, honestly,” she explained. “All they said was that they ‘have had multiple calls already about this incident’ and have officers on the way. Another 20 minutes after I called, they finally show up and arrest the lady and gentleman. I did hear them telling both to stop resisting multiple times.”

“The next evening, me and my mom were talking to [a worker] and he said their room was worse than the breakfast area,” she said. “He also said that he called 40 minutes [before] the cops arrival, and if the cops would’ve showed up quicker there would barely be any damage. He also said this is his first incident this bad in 10 years.”

While Lana was told that the police wanted to talk to her, she says she was never contacted. All that said, Lana claimed her experience with the hotel was positive.

“Overall, my stay was amazing,” she concluded. “Everyone there was so nice and helpful with everything. It was an unexpected experience, but as I work in a hotel as well, I know things can change quickly.”

Update 3:01pm CT, Sept. 22, 2023: In an email to the Daily Dot, Medina Brendyn of the Rapid City Police Department stated that “29-year-old Misti Anderson of Rapid City was placed under arrest for two counts of Disorderly conduct and one count of Threatening Law Enforcement as a result of her involvement in the incident.”

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*First Published: Sep 22, 2023, 8:24 am CDT