Woman says she always dates guys she’s not physically attracted to but have a cool personality

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‘Ur telling my life story’: Woman says she always dates guys she’s not physically attracted to but have a cool personality. Here’s the problem

'Honestly, I think I’m gonna die alone and happy at this point.'


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Posted on Jan 17, 2024   Updated on Jan 17, 2024, 10:36 am CST

A woman posted a viral video saying she tends to entertain men she’s not physically attracted to if they have an intriguing personality.

TikTok user Kaylee (@kayleethetoothfairy) has reached over 5.1 million views and 987,000 likes on her video by Wednesday. Her 7-minute-long video is a storytime explaining to viewers the details of a few of her relationships. 

Kaylee begins her video by saying that liking guys for only their personality and not their physical attraction “never really worked out for either of us.” 

“Especially them,” she adds, “and then I felt like a really horrible person.” 

Kaylee explains that at the beginning of some relationships, she had to convince herself she was attracted to the guy but, in the end, would believe he was “the hottest guy in the world.” 

She even says she prayed to God, “Please don’t send me anyone unless I’m physically attracted to them, and if it doesn’t work out, rip them out of my life and do not give me the option to let them stay.” 

If given the option, Kaylee says she would give some men “a third, fourth, fifth, sixth chance. … Take everything; I love you.”

The first relationship Kaylee explains lasted about a year. She said for the first six months, “he was an awesome guy,” but in the last six months, “I started picking up the bill, and he was just not doing great as a boyfriend.” 

Kaylee says that, at this point, her grandmother told her she should look for an older man. 

So, she says she decided to take a solo trip and live in Europe for a month in hopes of finding a better, older man. “American boys wanna be the women in the relationship and like, I wanna be the woman in the relationship,” she adds. 


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Kaylee says that while in Europe, she met a mind she found physically attractive, and they went on a date. Happy with their date, the two went back to his place, but Kaylee says the deal breaker was that he was a “horrible kisser.” 

“That’s one thing that I can’t let slide,” she says. “You could be an ax murderer, but if you’re a bad kisser, babes, the door is over there.” 

Once home from Europe, Kaylee says she wasn’t looking for love and had “honestly given up at this point” when an older man direct messages her on Instagram.

“My grandma was so right,” she says. “He’s almost 20 years older than me, and I’m just obsessed.”

After scheduling a date, Kaylee says he canceled at the last minute after ending up in the emergency room from a motorcycle accident. 

The two never rescheduled, and Kaylee says she just forgot about it. However, she says she reconnected with a month later.

“He randomly pops into my head, so I text him,” she explains.

The man reportedly told her he was spending the New Year at a house party and that she should come. Kaylee goes and says they immediately hit off and that he is more attractive in person.

Next, a week after the party and frequently texting, Kaylee says the man invited her to a Lakers game.

“Apparently, he has a family emergency and cancels the whole thing,” Kaylee later adds. She says he was very apologetic and asked to reschedule another date, which they decided would happen at Kaylee’s house.

Once the day comes, Kaylee says the man texts her an hour before he is supposed to come over, so she responds by sending him her address. 

Kaylee says six hours went by, and the man never showed up. 

“And then he calls me,” she continues. 

“He basically tells me that he left his phone in the pocket of his jacket,” Kaylee adds. She says he claimed to have ripped apart his house looking for his phone and that she was the first person he called once he found it. 

Kaylee tells viewers, “I’m just like, oh my God, why do you have to flake?”

She explains that flaking is one of her biggest pet peeves because her dad used to flake on her plans when she was growing up. “So it brings up a lot of feelings of childhood trauma for me,” she adds. 

Before ending her video, she says, “Honestly, I think I’m gonna die alone and happy at this point. It’s not looking good.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Kaylee via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2024, 6:00 pm CST