Dairy Queen workers call out ‘cake in a cup’ trend off ‘secret menu’

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‘I went last night and the guy immediately said no’: Dairy Queen workers call out ‘cake in a cup’ trend off ‘secret menu’

‘But my DQ has always had them for YEARS.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Mar 28, 2024   Updated on Mar 28, 2024, 10:52 am CDT

A Dairy Queen worker posted a viral TikTok poking fun at customers asking for the viral “cake in a cup.”

“Cake in a cup” is an individual serving of ice cream with a piece of chocolate cake in the middle, resembling an ice cream cake. 

Savannah (@savannah.carroll), a Dairy Queen worker from Ohio, has reached over 1 million views and 49,000 likes on her video by Thursday. 

In her five-second video, Savannah is seen frantically icing 20 different cupcakes. She has an on-screen caption that says, “hustling out some cupcakes after tiktok decided they were a new ‘secret menu’ item.”

The next clip shows a customer walking up to the counter with a viral TikTok of the cupcakes playing and asking, “Can I get a…uh…cake in a cup.”

Savannah captioned her video, “Btw it’s cupcake!”

The top comment under Savannah’s video asked, “Am I the only one who has had these for a couple years now?” 

Savannah responded, “It’s not a new thing, people just think it is because it’s trending on tik tok.”

One viewer admitted, “Ong idk how people didn’t know of these, at least in my area they are always in the freezers where the ice cream cakes are.” 

“Worked at DQ 15 years ago when I was in HS. These were a thing then too,” another added.

@savannah.carroll btw its cupcake! 😜 #dairyqueen #dq #fyp #foryou #cakeinacup ♬ original sound – Connecticut Women OB/GYN

However, some viewers say they haven’t had the same luck when trying to order a cupcake at their local Dairy Queen.

“I went last night and the guy immediately said no,” one wrote. “He was so annoyed. Is it really difficult to make?!”

Savannah responded, “No, not at all. They must have just been out.” 

“My local dq said it was discontinued,” another added.

A Dairy Queen spokesperson told People why the cupcakes may not be available at all locations.

“Because our restaurants are independently owned and operated, the availability of DQ Cupcakes may vary by location,” the statement read. “Fans can check with their local DQ restaurant to see if they’re offered. Fans can also keep an eye on our social channels for the latest news on DQ flavor and product offerings.”

One commenter asked Savannah, “do ya recommend at least?” She responded, “yes they’re good!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Savannah via Instagram direct message and Dairy Queen via email. 

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*First Published: Mar 28, 2024, 6:00 pm CDT