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‘I’m about to put y’all on to one of the best sandwiches’: Customer praises sandwich from Publix, shares hack to elevate it

‘I saw the Publix paper and KNEW we were on something good.’


Brooke Sjoberg


Publix customers have a new sandwich recommendation from TikTok—the mountain bread.

The grocery store chain’s scratch-made white bread is at the center of a viral TikTok that has drawn nearly 1 million views as of Sunday. Posted by Atlanta-based makeup artist @iamlexupnextbv, the video features her detailed description of the sandwich she greatly enjoys from her local Publix.

“I’m about to put y’all on to one of the best sandwiches y’all can get, and I ain’t talking about Subway,” she says in the video. “You want to go to Publix and you want to get you a sandwich and you want to get it on the mountain bread. First things first, get it on the mountain bread, we’re getting a regular sandwich. We’re not getting the sub bread and be cutting up our gums with that hard bread.”

She says her sandwich includes turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, and cucumbers for crunch. Her real secret to making her sandwich truly special, she says, is adding fried onions to it. She says she purchases a bag of the fried onions from Publix to add to her sandwich after she’s gotten it from their deli.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @iamlexupnextbv regarding the video via email.

@iamlexupnext Im tryna put you down! This sandwich will change your life. Dont knock it till you try it #fyp #publixsubs #publixsandwich #browniebrittle ♬ original sound – LexUpNext ATL MUA

Commenters shared that they were also fans of the grocery store’s mountain bread, and shared their own preferences for sandwiches from the grocer.

“Baby mountain bread been top tier!” one commenter wrote.

“I’ll buy a loaf of it whenever it’s available but it goes quick,” another user said.

“Been doing this for yearsss and it slap every time!” one echoed. “I never get the sun bread cos it’s too hard.”

Several viewers agreed that they found the typical sub sandwich rolls to be too crusty, and found her description of “cutting up your gums” to be accurate.

“You might be on to something with the bread bc yes them rolls hard asf but good lol definitely gotta try it,” one commenter wrote.

“Cutting up the gums on that sun bread is so accurate ong,” another said.

“Omg did not know they had regular bread,” a commenter shared. “The sub does cut your mouth up!!”

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