Customers explains that they placed a $20 Walmart delivery order—they receive someone else's massive order

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‘This person’s like having a party’: Customer places $20 Walmart delivery order—they receive tons of groceries

‘Why can’t things like this happen to my broke a??’


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A man on TikTok has gone viral twice after Walmart mistakenly delivered hundreds of dollars worth of food and beverages to his house.

In the video, Jon (@gottjon) explained that he ordered about $20 worth of food, including a frozen pizza for dinner and some apples. Yet, what’s laid out on the counter in front of him are more than a dozen bags of grocery items that were meant to be delivered to another home.

Jon theorized that the person who actually placed the order was preparing for a party. The person ordered at least six large bags of chips, boxes of taco shells, and multiple jars of pasta sauce.

“So here’s the question: Do we return it all? What do we do?” Jon asked.

The TikTok has nearly a million views and more than 4,300 comments.

@gottjon How di you return a walmart delivery order? #walmart #delivery #fail #fyp ♬ original sound – Jon Gott

“How [do] you return a walmart delivery order?” Jon questioned in the caption.

A few people had suggestions and information in the comment section.

“Walmart will tell you to keep it. if anything could have been tainted they will end up liable. they can’t resell it. congrats!” one person wrote.

Several people said the same thing about the grocer not being able to restock items that already left the store.

“Contact Walmart delivery. it’s yours now, but the other person needs to know it went to the wrong house,” another said.

Jon went on to make two follow-up videos showing how he ended up handling the situation. First, he tried to get information over the phone and in person about returning the food because he didn’t want to be “dishonest about it.”

When he showed up to his local Walmart with the food in tow in a shopping cart, he was told that even if he returned the groceries, they would get thrown away because it’s against policy to put them back on the shelves for sale.

“If you’re gonna throw it away we’ll give it away,” Jon said.

And that’s exactly what he did. Jon found a YMCA-hosted little free pantry (where people can make donations or take what they need for free) in front of a church and dropped the items there.

Jon went on to start a donation drive to fill up the free pantries in the Pittsburgh area with the help of his viewers.

“With all the views these videos have gotten, why not make a difference?” Jon said.

In an email to the Daily Dot, Jon shared that while he and his wife did keep some chips and tried (and didn’t like) the Cinnamon Toast Crunch popcorn, it was too much food to keep and they had the potential to “bless a lot of people with the items by donating them and it would be a shame to just throw perfectly good food away.”

He added that the best part of the ordeal was that people actually used the link in his bio to buy items for the food pantries.

“I think it brought great awareness to these food pantries that are all over and so helpful to those in need. I’m just so thankful for the Sewickley YMCA for all of the amazing things they do for the community,” he said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart for comment via email.

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