Boutique owner says customer was offended by their display mug, demanded they switch it out


‘We are not a children’s store’: Boutique owner says customer was offended by her mug, demanded she switch it out from store display

‘I’m sure most parents have used that word lol people look for things to be offended by.’


Melody Heald


TikTok user Kelsey Elizabeth (@kelhazen) owns a women’s boutique called Pinkadot. One day, a customer became offended by a mug that was displayed in the shop’s window.

Said mug featured a playful use of the F-word.

“A woman just came in and applied pressure on my employees and asked to switch out one of our mugs in the front window because she didn’t like what it said,” Kelsey recounted in a viral TikTok, before telling the customer: “We’re not a school, we’re not a daycare, we’re not a children’s store either. We are a woman’s boutique.”

What was the woman’s argument? That the boutique was on a main street and children would see the profane mug. In addition, what would happen if kids “read it” and wanted “to know what it means?” That’s when Kelsey claimed she told the woman that it was a “parents’ issue.”

However, the woman didn’t like the answer and demanded Kelsey remove the mug. Kelsey refused.

As a result, the woman told the content creator that she would “no longer be supporting” the business.

Kelsey unveiled the mug in question where it read: “Less f*ckin attitude. More f*ckin gratitude.” (The mug was uncensored and used the full, four-letter F-word.)

It worked out, however: A couple liked the mug and ended up buying it.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kelsey via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video racked up over 777,000 views as of June 18, where viewers defended the mug.

@kelhazen Just another day in retail 🫠 #retailworker #retaillife #smallbusiness #problemcustomers #funnysayings ♬ original sound – Kelsey Elizabeth

“If they can read it they probably say it and already know what it means,” one viewer said.

“I’m sure the children she is talking about hear worse in their own home,” a second stated.

“I’m sure most parents have used that word lol people look for things to be offended by,” a third commented.

In addition, others criticized the angry customer.

“I’m so over people getting offended over everything! It’s getting so old!” one person wrote.

“do these people not understand that THE INTERNET exists. Like lady the mug is the least of your worries,” a second remarked.

“I can’t imagine having the audacity to go into someone else’s business to ask them to change their display. Love the mug btw,” a third agreed.

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