Customer mocks how the McDonald's McChicken is made

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‘You forgot to punch the sandwich after wrapping it up’: Customer mocks how McDonald’s workers make McChicken sandwiches

'Got a McChicken today that was just like this.'


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Posted on Oct 6, 2023

TikToker Roman Michael (@romanmichael0) has gone viral for creating a series of mock videos showing how McDonald’s employees must be trained in putting together its sandwiches. One clip accrued some 4.9 million views on how to “properly” put together a cheeseburger for the chain.

He followed it up with a McChicken clip that’s also gained a lot of traction online, garnering 1.9 million views, and folks can’t help but agree with his assessment of the fast-food chain.

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“All right I’ve got a lot of requests to do another sandwich from McDonald’s so here we are with the McChicken,” Michael begins.

“All right first you’re gonna need your McChicken bun, then you toss your chicken on off to the side again just like the cheeseburger but not as extreme, then you put the mayo on,” he says, before throwing a glob of mayonnaise on the patty, highlighting the messiness that many folks in the comments sections say is the trademark of a sloppily, and seemingly hastily constructed, McChicken sandwich.

Michael continues his assembly of the McDonald’s fast food menu item saying tossing of chopped greens onto the burger sandwich before stating, “Finish it off with the old top bun, again, do a little slide so it’s off to the side, then you go in for the wrap.”

Before sliding the top bun around to make for an asymmetrically assembled sandwich, the McChicken maker smothers a bit of mayonnaise on top of the bun and then hastily wraps it up.

Viewers had their own ideas on how to more accurately depict the McChicken sandwiches folks usually get from McDonald’s.

One person wrote, “Needs more lettuce and in the folds of the wrap so it flys like confetti when you open it.”

Another quipped, “You can’t convince me that this isn’t an official McDonald’s train video.”

Someone else said that while they were close, they could’ve improved upon it with a bit of violence, suggesting, “8/10. You forgot to punch the sandwich after wrapping it up.”

“Man’s giving out all the cooperate secrets,” another joked.

Numerous people have called out McDonald’s for serving up “smashed flat” burgers and sandwiches. One Redditor questioned why almost every time they purchased food from McDonald’s, it seemed like it was the company’s signature to brutalize their food before handing it over to them.

“The problem I am seeing within the last couple years are my burgers/mcchickens smashed to all hell in the paper wrapper,” they wrote. “This hasn’t always been the case and I’m just curious why my buns are like pancakes? Has training changed or is it just speed in wrapping burgers? Quality control is slipping?”

One commenter replied that it was ultimately due to the nature of “fast” food in general at McDonald’s that lends itself to this kind of practice.

“If you’re talking about the bun, it’s because they have to wrap the burger in two seconds and then they throw it down the line into the pile of other food,” they replied. “It’s gonna get smashed. Make sure you never complain when your food takes too long or they have to park you, because this is what it leads to.”

Speedy service was the hallmark of McDonald’s fast food business model, according to Richard McDonald, as per History Channel: “Our whole concept was based on speed, lower prices and volume.” The outlet went on to liken the chain’s food delivery model to that of Henry Ford’s assembly line for mass-manufacturing vehicles that could be delivered to the public.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Michael via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 6, 2023, 11:45 am CDT